Saturday, August 29, 2009


GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra: mcm ada something missing... yg menggamit memori hnya bunyi tembakan, itupun di awl cerita.

I Love U, Man: draggy but the point yg cuba dibwk agak menarik..

Ice Age 3: another one of the franchise yg I don't hate, but I don't love...

Get Smart: pemilihan pelakon yg x sswai n x de chemistry lgsung!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

post SETEM

wlupun more attention should be put into its details(bonet keta yg kena tembak b'lubang2, di next scenenya elok, x da scratch lgsung n setem usia ratusan tahun tp kertasnya masih putih bersih)... tapi aku rasa this is still one of the best movie from m'sian cinema this year. khabir bahktiar continues to impress. sayangnya dia bkn m'sian.

with yasmin ahmad no more directing, aziz m osman muncul skali skala, othman hafsham mentioned of no projects b'tahun2 lamanya... is m'sian cinema's fate lies only in the hand of prof madya razak mohaideen n ahmad idham (and shamsul haslam)?!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

make ambo make

went to KB for work... but came back with more kgs... feels blotted till to date. food glorious food!

1st DAY: dinner nasi kerabu, ayam percik, solok, lala bakar, sata

2nd DAY: b/fast nasi/ mee goreng lunch nasi arab (kafsah) dengan ayam kari, roti + chicken kebab tea aneka kuih muih (akok, cream puff klate, jala emas, buah tanjung, taik itik, kuih bakar n kuih mcm topi org mexico yg tdk diketahui namanya) dinner nasi, tom yam, burung merpati goreng, telor bungkus, kailan ikan masin, sotong bakar etc.

3rd DAY: b/fast nasi dagang, ikan/ ayam masak kari, sosej goreng masak sos lunch nasi, ikan keli masak sambal, terong goreng dengan ubi, dagig bakar, sotong salai, ulam ulaman etc. tea murtabak raja dinner durian, nasi, ayam masak kicap, ikan masak singgang, kari ikan, sayur goreng.


filem ujung minggu

Young Victoria the only royal family biography with no fidelity and 'they live happily ever after' for the queen and his prince. the plot was too simple, focusing more on the queen's love life while her duties were described by voice over. I guess the longest reigning monarch has only a love story to tell..

Duplicity slow moving espionage movie with lots of twists in the storyline. Julia roberts looked huge, despite the thin jaw line...

Hannah Montana The Movie fun for all tweens with lots of holes for improvement in the storyline. watch out miley and tyra beat each other out for a pair of shoe!

Blood: The Last Vampire a fast paced action movie filled with xplosive vampire slaying.