Friday, October 12, 2007


wishing each n everyone of u 'eid MUBARAQ. Ampunkn slh silap. Moga syawal membawa 1000 keceriaan!

Monday, October 8, 2007

cuti RAYA

tak sabarnya nk cuti... lagi 2 hari... dam dam dum...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

happy RAMADHAN!!!

a lot to day... but nothing seems apporiate for the world to know. so, slmat bersahur, berpuasa, berbuke, b'terawih n meningktn amalan di bulan penoh barakah ini!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

merdeka!? its more likely, MERDEHEKA!

merdekakah anda, jika...

(i) u're stuck doing things u despise for u'r entire life?
(ii) liking somethin' or someone unlikable... or rather 'should be unliked!'?
(ii) waking up to something that bores u to life?

hmmm... i wonder...


to all Malaysians... Happy 50th Merdeka. MERDEKAKAN(KAH) DIRIMU!(?)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


time sure flies! dh setaun since my convo... kemeriahan di CAC msh sama... mak ayh, nenek, makcik, sekampung smua rejoicin' over 1 fella (or more)!!

just a shout out... to nader, sudin, wahida, asni, asib, pak ket, ateng, huraz n the rest, congratzs n happy convoing!

hmmm... time convo plg besh dpt 'tiket' ntok b'gaya 1 universiti tgkp gambo... kt jlnraya pun jadi.

NOTE 2 MYSELF: sambung or trus kerja... dat's the RM1Million dollar question keep popping out in mind skrg ni. better decide!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

kampungku sudah BERJAYA(?)

besh jugak blk kg., though this trip was the most tensen'est'. dunno y. but maybe due to the pressure to be succesful in life n blk kg as 'a big shot loyar'... so, they assume. soalan plg susah nk jwb, 'case apa adik handle' (yes, they call me adik, for obvious reasons... i'm the youngest!). my honest answer... 'err... none!' 'adik bwt agreement jer'. tapi this soalan, if compared, is far better than... 'bla nk kawen' la kan?!

n kepulangan kali ni jugak made me realize a lot of 'kemajuan' at my kg/pekan - kepala bataih... n yes, that's where Pak Lah get his mandate to 'rule' the country n that explains the exsistance of masjid jamiul BADAWI, sek. men. BADAWI, kompleks KAILAN, etc. among those developments yg i prasan adalah:

(i) msjd kepala bts (jamiul badawi) ada flat skrin!
(ii) a 7 storey hotel is undergoing massive construction near kompleks kailan; and
(iii) kepala batas ada MRSM! hebat!!!!

kepulangan arituh jugak sempat dipenuhi dgn undangan walimah. so, to dzaidin + hawa n anot/chin, CONGRATZS! sekelas ngan din masa form 3. ngan anot dr form 1, kalu tak silap... dh jd laki org smua tuh... he he he

NOTE 2 MYSELF: bla kepala bataih nk ada pizza, or at least McD?! takde kesan penjajah langsung... KFC ja... buhsan!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

chek nak BALIK!!!

Kemanapun aku pergi
Bayang bayangmu mengejar
Bersembunyi dimanapun
S'lalu engkau temukan
Aku merasa letih dan ingin sendiri

Aku ingin pulang
Aku harus pulang

aku ingin pulang, ebiet g. ade

- ni gambo feri zmn biler la nih? yg skrg dh belang2, fancy maut!

p/s: char koey tow, mee mamak, nasi kandaq, yong tau fu sop, sara, amira, thirah, #V n MTV... tunggggguu!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

life is nothing but a JOURNEY

penat giler... rabu n kames g kemamang (miting), sabtu ahd naik genting (timbilding). isn g kuantan. n selasa to kames dkt kemamang lagi, bwt due d.

ini buat diriku sedar... hidup ini bagai satu perjalanan... destinasinya pasti, persinggahannya pelbagai n penat hanya terasa bla perjalanan yg dilalui sia2... mcm arini, kena masuk opis bwt keje yg tertangguh seminggu... hampeh!

p/s:destinasi pasti - amalan tak cukup lagih nih, cmner?!

Monday, July 23, 2007

in the case of mythS vs factS...

well... it's hard being a lawyer, yet u attend to no court hearings! susah la nk menjawb bila org tanya... so guys/girls, lets straighten a few thing out... here

myth: all lawyers go to courts.
fact: only those called litigators (lawyers who do litigation be it civil or criminal), attend court matters. most lawyers, doing conveyancing (property matter – jual beli umah etc.) n corporate lawyers who attend to inter companies transactions are not required to do so. we draft things and not fight over the matter. Kalu pegi pun, just ntok lodgement of stuffs. unless you do all three la kan.

myth: lawyers only wear black n white.
fact: sori, to disappoint, we still have colours on our shirts! Fancy one at times... so, yes, we can still wear the Roul shirts you intend to give us for presents... he he he. we only wear black n whites when appearing in court... and no, we no longer wear wigs! Plus, robes are usually worn only in the High Courts or those courts ranking higher (Appeal Court n Federal Court that is).

myth: all lawyers handle (at least) criminal cases.
facts: no we don’t... not all doctors are neuro surgeon ok!

n plus, whatever you do in life, its not what your profession that counts its your self satisfaction, which wakes you up smiling to the office!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


hmm... baru2 ni... got the chance of having a thingy ma jinghy called reunion with my closest circle of friends... dkt PD lagi tuh... though tak smua leh dtg, memori2 lama yg tersorot - mmg breathtaking! so i'm contributing this post to 'em... mostly on why i'll be missing them... as much as the waves misses the shores...

nadeu - the longest companion eva! skolah n U skali! mmg takde muke lain dh... kalu aku jln takde dia, musti org tanyer, 'nader mana?' and vice versa. hmmm... what i'll miss bout him is... his resourcefulnes (sheque, 2007, PD). Slalu menyuply keperluan asas bla kta jumpa2. ada 2 degree oooo.. he's now chmbrin' at zain.

yeop - jugak the other fren i keep trying to loose dr skolah... tp unsuccessful. talkative by nature n 'penyayang' (self proclaimed). i sure won't miss him... dhla keje skali... satu opis... ym pun asyek ngan dia... I'm so (all) over him... ha ha ha (euwww!!). lawyer intellectual property yg sebok diet la nih!

sudin - new found fren kt U. good at cooking (walau mngambil masa ntok menghidang nasi goreng ayam bwt diriku) n pandai melawak (not to mention, presiden seumo idup kelab pekak!). i'll surely miss his jokes n pekakness. he's now chmbrin' at zain (as well)

sheque - nih lg sorang... dr skolah rendah kenai! dh lemas k! secretive but yet revealing when you know which button to push. what i'll miss bout him is... his wacko ideas n out of this world 'lists'. and all the small talks. auditor now, accountant in the future, insyallah

joxer - though masuk U skali, tp different course. probably miss his provocatice thoughts n high pitch comments. master students now... pemikir AGUNG in the future?

ixar - jauh terbuang di MMU (so he thought). cute n bubly... yet emotional n opinionated... miss his naughty ideas n 'gengsterism'... suke lead org wt jahat... tp sronot... 'muhasabh diri' konon! finishing his master... animated character in the making (more of a spongebob rather) ha ha ha

nodeng - ustaz among us! skrg tgh mendidik ank bangsa back at his homeplace, gannu senyum sokmo... miss his naivety(if there's such a word!). elok2 ek ngajor bebudak tuh...

yemza - pegi UITM pas skolah. tp still keep in touch. full of own thoughts. teman se'merapu'an. miss ke'kitnel'annya! working in a financial institution now whilst finishing his professional course.

tobey - antara yg dh lama tak jumpa. mulut ya rabbi... tmn berperang ku. rindu laseran mu... in a way, melatih aku ntok menjawab laser2an org... ha ha ha. keje ngan Islamic publication la nih... hmmm

zali - ni lg jauh tercampak nun jauh ke selatan! archie! miss his creativeness. mewarnai n menceriakn buku otograp smua org. tak tau la apa jd la nih... mmg nk kna terjah lagi kalu nk tau perkembangan... miss him the most! sbb dia antara yg rapat dulu, tp yg plg jauh terpisah skrg...

for all u guyzs... FRANCE

Thursday, July 12, 2007


how can u have friends and stay friends?

lepas dh smkn tua ni, I realise, it's not just hard to make friends (getting all the trust and those friendship qualities instilled) but keeping one as well. masa zaman sek. men. (mind you that I go to 2 different schools), not just keeping track of friends from the old schools were hard enough... making new friends at the new school is nothing but an uphill task! lucky I got 10 best friends at the end! but sticking to them up to today... is yet another journey.

in the university, again, a new circle(s) of friends is a must have. nasib baik some of those familiar faces back at school (both 2 schools), went to the same U as I did... so, manageable la skek! everything is a perfect picture (at that time)! on graduating, new sets of friends (and foes) and alliances were formed (alhamdulillah).

dan skrg, di tmpt keje... new friends emerged! but the problems remains... keeping them (plus the old ones) as friend is yet another process... n through that long process - some vanishes - some stays - some takes time to dine or lunch - n gladly, some loves the idea of a reunion. it is sad thinking that your 'collection' of friends might disappear one day!

however tricky it is, having friends is always a blessing... to friends now and the future... I hope that our friendship last n will forever stay... because friends, in a way are family... esp, those you bagged since your adolescent!!

p/s: nadeu, azmey, yeop, ixar, joxer n nodeng... 2 days n counting... cant’ wait!

Friday, June 29, 2007


hmmm... dh 7 minggu… apa la rasa kn? ada kehidupan lain dlm bdn… berdenyut lemah… to ‘no. yg dicall waktu kebuhringan'... CONGRATZS!!! Yusma, u bla plak?! (tak jwb kn soalan ku ini dari aritu!)

bla kwn2 pregnant nih… n kluaqla a long list of PANTANG LARANGs... I thought of my mum... having to endure all this, n yet come out strong n raise me up for another 24 years of my life. you are my every second of my breath... though, dulu every time, soh p kedai while my fav cartoon is on air – musti rasa nk lari dh rumah!!!! to Chekgu Mariamah n all mothers (to be and a proud ones) you are the greatest n no one can surpass u all! bgn pagi2, siapkn ayer panas, bwt sarapan, blk keja bwt lunch, kemas umah, prepare dinner, gosok bju ntok esok... hmmm... mama(s)... u u’rself is/are a miracle (at least)to u’re anak2…

n to my three ‘babies’, Welcome BACK!!!! you girls are my only love, at least for children of your age… he he he

Friday, June 22, 2007

mega sale, mega spend GIGA WASTE?!

its that (joyous) time again… at least for me. some people save up for it... n some people tore calendar sheet in its anticipation...

tapi a mega sale? In Malaysia? yet again? ha ha ha… who cares kn?!

besides those so called ‘I-only-shop-when-I-have-to’, we who are in a long haul of this therapy session view sales as:

(i) an opportunity to beat others as far as the ‘in-fashion’ game is concern;
(ii) recreate a new look for the new season;
(iii) practicing tips collected all year round from fashion mags and tv shows;
(iv) strengthening the idea that ‘how other people view us is at the utmost
importance’; and
(v) of course, the alltime favourite) yet another therapy session with ‘the
ultimate therapist’.

so... take out your cards/ cash… as the rush is here!!!

tp, like my fren say ‘I pegi shopping msa sale pun, I bli yg new collection!!!’ so, what to do?!

Monday, June 18, 2007

news FLASH

sometime, even mubaraq reads the news… (amazingly enough!) the followings are among news highlights which managed to grab his attention:

a. bombing (exaggerative!) in Puduraya

whut kind of bimbos do we have here!? try being a rebel n all… challenging the democracy we have… the peace and tranquility we enjoyed all this long… kalu aku jumpa la org yg place the bomb there, mmg tunjal smpi mati! dhla injuring public citizen (minor plak tuh)… nila kalu too much of TV… ingt hebatla jd villain n blow up public places… apa ingt kt m’sia nih ada cicakman? kluangman? nk dtg slmtkn smua org? huh!!

b. homobombs

new findings show evidence that Pentagon has once considered making a biological bombs which upon going off, turn the enemy soldiers into homosexuals!!!! ridiculous!!! this is yet another tv plot coming alive!!! come to think of it, kalu bley men’gay’kn people, than buat jerla bomb ntok de-gay kn org… selesai satu kebejatan social! hmm… arituh tgk 360 kt tv3, crite psl gay jugak… at the end, host ckp… diorg leh brubah by giving counseling… hmm, if that is so easy… changin’ one’s heart n desire. kalu psychologist (nyesal tak ambek psychology nih!) mmg ada such great power, musti senang ek kta nk soh sesaper yg kta suka tp tak menyukai kta ntok love and adore us… antor jer kt those so call great humans with therapeutic powers to change hati diaorg! mmg tak masuk akal. bak kata tagline movie Elizabeth I (yg diperan oleh Hellen Mirren) … secara ringkasnya… the hardest thing to govern is the heart!!!

c. rapunzel2x… let down your golden hair…

another buzzworthy brita front page news Mingguan Malaysia…. maid cuba nk escape! siap ikat2 bjua smua… yes… another movie flick!!! pelik jugak, kt manala this heartless people is hiding all this long… sedap2 ja nk dera org… siap ada kesan cekikan… what a cruel world we are living in!!!

d. anugerah sri angkasa (‘ASA’) cancelled!!!

tak taula apa mslhnya, ckpnya mslh utama takde sponsors… tapi, bukan ni government linked project ka?! yg peliknya anugerah lain yg ‘ala2’ mcm ASA yg dianjurkn oleh konglomerat yg sama yg control that tv network, bley palk jln! ingt program peringkat skolah jer susah nk dpt tajaan… convest, millef, etc… program yg ada slot kt tv pun b’nasib srupa?! tapi ok jugakla, ASA tuh mmbazir ja… cm takde objective… award show yg terlampau pemurah, smua nder nk dibagi adiah… would someone care to explain to me apa beza anugerah ‘DJ versatile’ dgn ‘penyampai radio terbaik’? jingle pun nk bg anugerah! ntah paperla… kumpul penaja bg anugerah kt plajar cemerlang lg baguih!!! tv mmg ntah papa!!

lesson learned: too much of tv is hazardous!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

papa JAHAT?!

maybe balasan for all the suffering years endowed by women (as claimed), apa2 ja yg ada kaitan dgn pompuan skrg nih, mmg disambut meriah… women’s day, ladies nite n most recent, Mother’s Day!!! siap ada national celebration lg…

so for the unsung heroes, I wanna dedicate this post to you… especially to kwn2 aku yg slmt menjadi ayh org, pacai, kimi, kak not and those yg branak pinak tp takde hati nk bitau diriku or sbb aku mmg smulajadi plupa… n especially to the one who loves me the most but shows his affection the least… HEPPI FATHER’s DAY!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

makan itu PUNCA NAPSU

hmmm... when do you know that u have to start dieting? maybe when even wearing blacks make u look blotted and full... dieting is an ever ending struggle (at least to me). at times, I wonder why do people go on starving and resisting all those delicacies… imagine what u can eat… a plenty!!! Especially in Malaysia where the long list of loved foods is shared by at least three different major races here. tambah western lagi… thai lagi… hmm…

tapi, to me… what comes first is your self satisfaction. kalu u ‘enjoy’ your body, apa nk sebok2 org ckp… stop giving others the key to your life and let them run it.

Unfortunately, living in this materialistic world, appearance counts… and to most, how good you look (apart from the RM factor) is primarily based on how little your waist is!!!! So… nk start dietla… but not for looks, health purposes k!!! ha ha ha

n by that, don’t ask, ‘do guys diets?’ of course!!! even there are guys now applying make up to work. in the end, laki ka pompuan ka, we like to see nice things and tentula we like it if ‘we are the nice thing!!!!’

tapi, esok ada mkn2 kt opis, cmner?!

p/s: nk mkn pancake kt McD!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

ada apa dgn UMBAI?!

sedap sgt ka mkn kt umbai tuh? dhler peristawa mencari tmpt dudok jer dh bwt smua mknan go upstairs... parking plak 2 3x pusing bru dpt... ntahler... mungki kalu dh org pulau, idea mkn ikn fresh tuh adlh di tepi laut/sg, dgn hembusan angin laut/sg n nelayan yg dok sebok punggah ikn naik ke darat... itu bru nama betoi2 fresh. mcm kt t'ganu or merbok, kedah. so, whut say u?!

n gambau seblh nih just cadangan untuk hiasan jer. tp, kalu ada yg interested, drop me a line!!! ;)


last weekend hectic giler. memule g kenduri latifi/alba dkt senawang, pastu g kenduri asni asib kt segamat. ahadnyer plak pg kenduri safuan dkt ulu yam... memang la kawen2 m'sia... ala cuti2 m'sia... he he he perot pun pedih dok b'campuq mknan...

it seems like an 'in' thing lately... everybody is getting hitched... even Pak lah (should I say u made Kepala Batas proud?! I wonder)... mungkin coz cuti skolah. katanya msjd Kepala Batas nk bwt kenduri ntok Pak Lah dis Friday after jumaat... sah2la jam jln Tun Perak tuh... Though I like weddings (being a gift shopper by profession and all) tp mcm buhsan la... sbb time2 cmni la org dok sebok tanyer "ang bla palk?!" and jwpnnya... mmg susah nk diberi...

cuba bygkn, kalu my dream of a wedding is at an island somewhere where guests are to be rowed over to the reception... filled with scented candles... n bayu mlm yg menggigit... sound coming from the band...only 50 of my most acquainted guest... wouldn't that incur me a life saving?! so, knala simpankn?! dgn gaji ciput cm skrg, nk tempah bot pg pulau pun blum tentu lepas!!!

at one point of time, bla org tanyer, 'what are you views on marriage?!' aku terus terang ckp... bnyk lagi sunnah lain yg bley diidupkn... tp smjk asyek kna tinggal kt umah sensorang nih (housemate bz b'outstation), the idea of living together and feeling completed by another seems pretty alluring... smpi bla nk menua (mentua?) sendiri?! ikut observation aku, org dh 30 lebey tp still single, smua mcm haywire... aku tak nk jd cmtuh!!!! TOLONG!!!!

having said that however... kawen or tak... we leave that to 'jodoh, ajal maut di tgn tuhan'; bley?! for now, i'm enjoying my free time alone n disregarding the word 'sharing' in my life....

back to the topic, pda mika2 yg bru mlgkh ke gerbang 'berdua lebey baik' or b'tiga/b'empat/b'lima (as the case maybe)... aku ucapkn congratzs n moga bahagia ke akhir hayat... ingat, in life, there are no mr. right or miss right... yg ada hanyala 'us making it right'... usaha tangga kejayaan kata org. kata P.Ramlee lak, 'sdgkn lidah lagi tergigit...'

Thursday, June 7, 2007

org kawen!!!

nk share gambau the newly weds... lan n naziha... kong hey ley a!!! it was fun... though a bit pekak dgn musik mengiring pengantin yg kletung kletang... tak sgka, kawen akhirnya lan... moga bahagia... ni gambau dia, as usual melantak!!!

juga nk ucap slmt pngtn baru n moga bahagia bwt asib n asni!!!


a bit about the photo... depicting me (konon2) fallin' off the sentosa skyride!!! gorgeous... ha ha ha


it shows how lazy I am. dr bln 1, and this is my newest post. cmner nk religously bwt nder nih?! nk kater takde spare time? ade jer... (hoping that none of my boss is reading) nk kater takder aper yg jadi, my life tunggang langgang jer dis few months... jln sana sini, kna tahan imigresen, tukau dept (kja), kawan2 kawen, spupu kawen, umah sewa skrg tinggal b'dua... bnyk sbnrnya... cumanya satu... MALAS!!! a note to my self... rajin2 la post, though no one is reading... ha ha ha

Monday, January 8, 2007

welcome to my new blog

hope that this effort stays... at least for the recent years coming... ramai yg cdg soh bwt blog ni. cuma malas tuh slalu overule. so azam taun baru, nk bwt blog, persistent n everflowin' with tots n pics if i could... ha ha ha