Monday, March 31, 2008


2714 legend/ 290308/ red soiree

10q chanie 4 the help, 4 the prep, 4 the cam n 4 the cat!
10q nader 4 da ice, 4 da jug/ keg, 4 the ‘awake’ n 4 ‘jadi diriku’!
10q joxer 4 coming bck strait from Muar to attend and 4 wearing the REDest cloth eva!
10q tuya 4 trying to endlessly shop 4 red!
10q apes 4 coming down from segamat!
10q sally 4 holding ‘blk kg’ 4 a second just to crash!
10q ijad for postponing u’r PD n 4 the sutun!
10q yemza 4 redahing the rain!
10q hanep 4 showing up BUT we want you to ‘show’ up! He he he
10q vitat 4 da hair n 4 the willingness to subdue over my frantic calls and pestering!
10q halim 4 driving peeps to the soiree!
10q sheque 4 spending time n 4 the body shop!
10q mimi 4 the DVDs, 4 the camera tricks n 4 da pen(?)!
10q yeop 4 the voucher n 4 the dye!
10q ee 4 tackling the traffic and 4 the wipey!
10q adi 4 the eyes n 4 the belt!

In general, thank you all 4 u’r attendance, frenships, tot and definitely 4 just being there fabulously in RED!!! U’r undying lurve n frenship means the world to me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PAVILLION KL mkn2 direktori

In lieu of celebrating my friend’s entry to the blogging word... here are some few tips on dining at the (not so new) Pavillion:

Ichiban Ramen: if you want to try Japanese fushion dishes, this is the place to go. From its variety of rice dishes to its mee(s), everything is a must try! Located in Food Republic.

Jco: please consider yourself an evil spawn of social life if you still have no idea what this store offers u! the smooth and soft doughnuts (with lots of choices to pick from) is another treat/ trip worth making to Pavillion. mind you that the queue (even now the line’s getting shorter) may take you up to 1 (whole) hour! Located near Food Republic and near Mercato.

Pastamania: its flagship store in M’sia. the choices of pastas here are unbelievable, creamy and rich. the pizza is not so great though! Located in Food Republic and near to Mercato.

Tony Roma: you may not find its famous ribs dish here due to the ‘halal’ issues, but the food is really great and the service is superb! serves western cuisine. Located in front of Food Republic.

Zen: located on 6th floor. a new bread of ‘secret receipe’ with a twist. even how demure its look is, the food are, if not better, similar to ‘sercet receipe’ taste (with high end theme n finishing).

bon appetite!

25 going to 26!!!

thank you for all the messages and calls which kept pouring in since last nite. Your love and affection is duly noted, highly regarded and well thanked!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

undi anda adalah rahsia

Everyone is talking about, non-other, than the PILIHANRAYA! In live, everthing u do is via voting. What to wear, what to buy, how to live… the list is endless! But how do you determine that your vote is right and that the choice you take will side with you, at least, for the next five years to come!!! Do you weigh your vote just on the reminiscence of past success and achievements or based on a future that you aspire? Or you just simply vote, to satisfy the art of picking something out of the choices that you have... hmmm...

so, Malaysia, HAPPY VOTING. Vote for yourself, not for others n (maybe) certainly not for the money!!! He he he

Monday, March 3, 2008

nurul jr

congrats nurul on the newborn! darwisha?! he he he 29/2, jimat nk wt b'day party, 4 taun skali!!!

ke MERCU!!!

First off, congratzs to Ayu for winning the new installation of the ONE IN A MILLION season 2 and becoming OJB (Orang Jutawan Baru)! Musti org msh ingt that girl dr Sabah, berambut kerinting dan b’turtle neck putih menyanyikn lagu ‘teman tapi mesra’ OIAM season 1 dulu. Walau tdk berjaya ke top 12, impak kehadirannya memaksa 8TV menjemput Ayu menyanyi di Grand Finale OIAM tahun lepas. Namun, tahun ini Ayu kembali, bkn sekadar memenuhi jemputan, tapi sebagai finalis dan seterusnya juara. A big leap untuk gadis kampong yang tiada pakej kecuali bakat!

Kemenangan Ayu membuktikan Malaysia tidak lagi buta memilih, tapi sudah pandai menghakimi. Apa guna kalu rupa cantik, tiada bakat tapi sebok mengelar diri pelakon/ penyanyi/ pengacara dan artis. Huh!

Ugly duckling mungkin dongeng paling mirip untuk Ayu. So, semakin Malaysia tidak mengira berat seseorang, ketinggian seseorang dan ke’pakej’an seseorang, semakin nmpk industri/ negara kita punya bakat yang boleh dibangga. Apa guna magis make-up, grooming dan fesyen kalu semua lahir perfect!

So, Ayu, jgn jd mcm jutawan taun lepas, sunyi tanpa berita. Harap Monkey Bone tak simpan bakat ini sampai reput atau tenggelam dibawak arus…

i HEART movies

~ These are my points on American Heroism learnt from VANTAGE POINT:

(i) even veteran Americans can submerge a hero, with no back pains nor bad knees. Case in point, its Quaid’s character, Rambo n Die Hard 4!

(ii) American heroes can dodge bullet, survive explosions and drove recklessly through (other peoples') countries without even a cut. But terrorist (foreign/ black in nature) can simply be killed in a single shot.

(iii) How difficult it is, American heroes can always rely on the fact that people there are saving (including their President) can simply showed up in front of them with no harm inflicted.

~ Jane Austen was another author brought to life in BECOMING JANE. The movie tries capturing her life as the point of inspiration in writing her masterpieces including the widely famous ‘Pride and Prejudice’. You may learn the difficulty of being a woman with a point back in those days and the pressure of marrying to secure a future of wealth, not affection from this somber movie. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy performances are noticeable.

~ Viggo got his nod for this year’s Oscar nomination through EASTERN PROMISES (a mafia movie no less of its demeanor. As a Russian mob, Viggo shone in this flick whilst sharing a unique romance with Naomi Watts. If you wanna learn how to kick b*tt, b*tt naked, this is your guide, all 3 mins of ‘em! In the words of Nikolai Luzhin ‘Enough…’