Sunday, June 22, 2008

fashion UPDO? fashion BOOHOO more like it...

from fashion royale to court's jester. did u'r stylist went 4 a vacay cate?

dis just show dat in fashion, one day day u'r in, the next day u'r out (heidi klum)!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hA Noi

pics n blog of my 2 weeks trip 2 ha noi, comin' rite up... too much to tell, too many pictures to share! hmmmm

Friday, June 20, 2008

MAA 2008

it's back n this year it's goin' 2 be in Genting! dun forget to vote at

Life Lessons Learned

never have I watched a movie (cartoon) filled with anecdotes of lifes' lessons that we can learnt from, except in dreamworks's latest, Kungfu Panda. Even standing out bringing nothing new (like Shrek 1) n making mockeries of asian actors by giving jackie chan onli ONE (memorable) line, the movie makers approach by smacking us with lots of ideologies and repeating them is surely breathtaking! most of the anecdots are delivered by the character Master Oogway, voced by Randall Duk Kim. for the benefit of those who did not watch it, here are among those I favour, recaptured just for you:

Yesterday is History, Tommorow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift. That's why it is called the present.

In life, There Are No Accidents.

There is No Bad News or Good News, There Are Just News.


red carpet royale, Cate Blanchet wowing people at the 2008 Cannes

it's been 56 days since I updated my blog and 51 days since I last own a job! that means I have equally 1344 FREE hours to update and write sumthing here... but, strangely enough I didn't manage to even bleep! that just show how time flies when u'r enjoying life! N this is what living in the epitome of laziness is! ha ha ha

4 those yg nak tau, I'm still jobless and is actively (more towards relaxly) seeking for a job. kalu ada... insyallah... n truth be told, a lot happened during the past 1 month and 26 days... can't wait to blog it out!

p/s: to mimi, ikut jejak lgkh mr. manager ka?