Saturday, December 6, 2008


who would a tot that something so physical will xcite me most?! he he he

thanks smua kerna participate n help me to cross out one more item in my long forgotten list! so, what's next? water rafting?! he he he

though injured and felt battered the rest of the next week, it was sheer fun n xcitement. surely won't immediately say no, if next time invited!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Iklan Bank Multinasional Betaraf Kampung

Perjalanan ke tempat kerja memaksa saya menaiki tren selama 45 minit. Selain membaca dan kadangkala terhibur dengan gelagat penumpang, iklan-iklan disetiap penjuru juga kadangkala buat mata segar untuk ke kerja. Pagi ini iklan sebuah bank (bertaraf internasional) menggamit perhatian saya.

Apa yang tekesan bukannya madah pujangga yang cuba dilahirkan syarikat, tetapi kelemahan ketara dalam terjemahannya. Saya lampirkan tiga contoh.

Contoh 1

Your wish for a secured future
Your plans secured

Diterjemahkan menjadi:

anda impikan masa depan yg terjamin
anda pasti kami akan melaksanakannya

Bukankah secara literalnya, terjemahan yang betul (sekurang-kurangnya) berbunyi begini:

Impian anda untuk masa depan yang terjamin
Pelan anda kami laksanakan

Contoh 2

Your plans for expansion
Your business managed

Diterjemahkan menjadi:

anda ingin mengembangkan perniagaan
anda pasti kami akan menguruskannya

Untuk ini, pada hemat saya, terjemahannya (sekurang-kurangnya) patut begini:

Pelan anda untuk mengembangkan perniagaan
Perniagaan anda kami uruskan.

Contoh 3

Your wish for world-class solutions
Your needs met

Diterjemahkan menjadi:

anda impikan penyelesaian bertaraf dunia
anda pasti kami akan menunaikannya
Bukankah secara konsep, terjemahannya sepatutnya berbunyi:

Impian anda untuk penyelesaian bertaraf dunia
Keperluan anda kami penuhi

Pada pendapat saya, penggunaan kata ‘pasti’ lebih seolah-olah menimbulkan tanda tanya dan keraguan, terutamanya kepada pelanggan institusi perbankan tersebut daripada memberi jaminan, seperti mana yang cuba dicadangkan oleh versi bahasa inggerisnya.

Dalam kemelut perdebatan hangat kedaulatan bahasa melayu dan isu samada bahasa inggeris harus kekal sebagai medium bahasa bagi matapelajaran sains dan matematik, syarikat konglomerat, khususnya yang bertaraf antarabangsa sepatutnya lebih berhati-hati dalam menterjemahkan sebarang bahasa ke bahasa kebangsaan kita. Mungkin kempen bahasa jiwa bangsa sudah lama padam, tapi seharusnya setiap warganegara perlu punyai (walau sekumit) rasa bangga dan rasa perlu untuk mempertahankan dan memperkasakan bahasa kita. Moga syarikat-syarikat mahupun individu lain lebih peka untuk menggunakan Bahasa Melayu agar bahasa itu sendiri tidak terpinggir dan diperlekehkan oleh warganegaranya sendiri. Pihak-pihak berwajib juga harus meningkatkan pemantauan agar perkara-perkara remeh sebegini tidak lagi muncul memualkan di khalayak.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Note to Blogger

bila ko nk update blog ko nih weih?! mana gambo yg ko ckp nk letak tuh? ish2x

malas gila!!!

lupa nk ckp, 'eid mubaraq!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

fashion UPDO? fashion BOOHOO more like it...

from fashion royale to court's jester. did u'r stylist went 4 a vacay cate?

dis just show dat in fashion, one day day u'r in, the next day u'r out (heidi klum)!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hA Noi

pics n blog of my 2 weeks trip 2 ha noi, comin' rite up... too much to tell, too many pictures to share! hmmmm

Friday, June 20, 2008

MAA 2008

it's back n this year it's goin' 2 be in Genting! dun forget to vote at

Life Lessons Learned

never have I watched a movie (cartoon) filled with anecdotes of lifes' lessons that we can learnt from, except in dreamworks's latest, Kungfu Panda. Even standing out bringing nothing new (like Shrek 1) n making mockeries of asian actors by giving jackie chan onli ONE (memorable) line, the movie makers approach by smacking us with lots of ideologies and repeating them is surely breathtaking! most of the anecdots are delivered by the character Master Oogway, voced by Randall Duk Kim. for the benefit of those who did not watch it, here are among those I favour, recaptured just for you:

Yesterday is History, Tommorow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift. That's why it is called the present.

In life, There Are No Accidents.

There is No Bad News or Good News, There Are Just News.


red carpet royale, Cate Blanchet wowing people at the 2008 Cannes

it's been 56 days since I updated my blog and 51 days since I last own a job! that means I have equally 1344 FREE hours to update and write sumthing here... but, strangely enough I didn't manage to even bleep! that just show how time flies when u'r enjoying life! N this is what living in the epitome of laziness is! ha ha ha

4 those yg nak tau, I'm still jobless and is actively (more towards relaxly) seeking for a job. kalu ada... insyallah... n truth be told, a lot happened during the past 1 month and 26 days... can't wait to blog it out!

p/s: to mimi, ikut jejak lgkh mr. manager ka?

Friday, April 25, 2008

end of SUMthin'

today's my last day at work... hmmm... gonna miss everybody. but life goes on.

looking forward to a brighter future!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


for a sandal fetish (so what, i wore sandals more than shoes, even when walking to the office or up the hills) i've lost that significant memory of the last time splurging over those splendours (sigh)... last nite was a horrified memory! tgh sebok cari barang ntok my sis, sandal putus! yes, putus!!!!!!!!! tensen tul. t'pksa jalan seret2 dari sg $ ke kereta dkt marriot... dlm hujan, meredah lopak n air... ish2x.

so anyone in the mood for sandal/shoe shopping?!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


after having such a success (horrorwise) thru Jangan Pandang Belakang (“JPB”) and a box office across the region, one could only hope for the best in the latest horror flick out of the Ahmad Idham - Pierre Andre combo. but their latest 'Congkok" fails miserably! you may disregard the talentless acting (except for Mak Mah’s brilliant performance), the its-not-funny-but-people-still-laughs-dialogue and a few shows of strings hooked at the ghost in JPD for the suspense and horror you are being fed with, but for congkak, nothing did amazingly well. Yes, I admit that the suspense was there (with the help of the music scores) and I was feeling like goin’ home entirely all the way and there are a few commandable screams, but the acting, the plot and the script... Ya Tuhan! another malay flick truly Malaysian. if there were someone, tweeking the script and the plot, it would definitely be supremely better.
n y have supreme talent like mak mah and m. rajoli if they are not used for the benefit of the movie?

go see this if you are those ‘penyokong industri kita’ but leave your hopes and mind outside coz it would not do u good.

n thanks to smua yg participate wif the rombongan. He he he… we should do this again sumtime

Thursday, April 17, 2008

pasti, mungkin

last night I managed to watch ‘definitely, maybe’. Isla Fisher was brilliant! You can definitely feel her love bursting for Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), but as how a cosmic coincidence it was, if u’re too blinded by everything around you, you wouldn’t really feel the love oozing until it smacked u in the face! n Abigail continues to churn her cuteness (loved her since ‘lil miss sunshine).

but what bothers me though is the theme the movie brought on ‘soulmates’. semenjak laila majnun, we’ve been hampered with love stories of lovers falling into their first, last and forever love. macam romeo & Juliet, jumpa, jatuh cinta, bersatu n berkorban. tapi, lately, all love stories cuba nk tunjuk yang maybe in finding your mr./ms right, you wouldn’t do it superbly the first time! you may have gone through it twice or thrice and then only you find that ‘other half. its’ no longer a journey, but a process. CONTOH: kabhi alvida na kehna (both shah rukh n preity were married but not to one another. They later falled in love and was, notionly, fit each other ), brokeback mountain, cinta (rita’s character tinggalkn suami dia (shidi’s character) for another guy n even rahim razali’s pun a widower what ), 27 dresses (james marsden’s character is a divorcee).

so, if movies are real indications of social behaviour and life lessons, than what are these stories telling us? is it that it’s not an easy search to find that mr./ms right? or is that, always cast a doubt over who you found coz later in u’r life, maybe then only the right mr./ms right will show up? hmm...

go see this movie. i’m sure you’ll love it. n maybe u can share a piece of your mind then...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WATCH out!

pagi2 buta, lps masuk keje, rehat2 sambil panaskn enjin (ntok keje), kak mas (opismate/ mentor kt Azmi nih) tanya, "KAT MANA NAK BELI JAM NTOK BDK LELAKI A?!"

membuatkan aku trus mencari calculator. sorry, maths definately is not my element. kenapa?! untuk mengira (of course).

sbnarnya, the last time my wrist was accessorised wif a watch, was when I was in my (early) Form 4! after endlessly adoring SWATCH(es) n come to learn that they don't last, abah belikan jam tangan yg agk mahal (at dat time la). 3/10 gaji chambering! excited giler. ada dates, day n even graphic mlm siang lengkap dgn bulan n matahari pusing2 ikut waktu/ hari. the watch was adored dearly by all peers n the owner definately (kecik2 dh suke b'lagak... he he he)

nak dijdkn cerita, sementara mnunggu nak pndh skolah (after raya msuk SMAPK ngan sheque/mazza) masihler menjadi bdk irshad waktu itu. n awl2 tahun tuh, bln posa, so being an obedient religios skoolboy, pegila terawih tiap2 mlm. terawih kt skolah 8 ja... satu mlm tuh (tak tau la lailatul qadar ka apa) tertinggal jam tgn tuh kt lm loker! maybe sbb b'gegas nk ke surau sbb b'buke dgn leisurely n siap2 dgn malasnya! so, bla teringat tuh (minus the ketdk khusyukan b'jemaah) balik la (b'lari more accurately) p hostel after abes terawih n b4 pegi moreh (def: mkn2 lps terawih). n the watch is gone! yes, STOLEN!!! how shocked i was, i still have the picture of that nite in my mind up till now, and yes, siap ingat the detail up to what i was wearing! org ckp workers kt blkg curi, tp ntahler... it was too fast at that time, n tak lama lps tuh dh transfer. so, regaining back the lost watch n calling for a search for it, was somethin' not firmly done.

so, lepas2 tuh, trus merajuk tak mo pki jam! awl2 form 4 lps raya n masa pndh skolah tuh, still ada 1 jam, tapi smpn dlm beg. tak pakai kt tgn pun! smpi jam tuh mmg dh tak leh guna lgsung...

n slps puas mengire, dis year, its been 11 years since i last wore one n asking me where to shop 4 one... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... not good question people! he he he

recently, masa my bro blk kg, mama sebok soh dia adiahkan jam tgn to me. but as my bro (firmly) believes on making his (cute) lil bro independent (as hell), he refused sponsoring it n ask my mum ntok let it be. in other words, if I want one, go buy u'rself. how inspiring!!!

but on the goodside, i still don't think I'm all prepared for one... sbb i think hving a cool hndphone where not only u can text people, mms or even take or make calls but having it as a piece of a time keeper would make me look more upbeat, beyond tommorowish n techie... he he he.

so people, don't bother flagging u'r piguet or u'r longines... becoz i don't care! i totally do... i might drool of thinkin' how rich u r though...

just be mindful, time whenever mention shall be deemed as an essence!!!

p/s: hebat kn selection of watches these days, yg ni siap ada gigi biru (blue tooth) function!

Monday, April 14, 2008


it's my (utmost) ideal world, to wake up wif no problems (AT ALL!) or even better, all problems are duly solved!

smlm ada bwt plumbing sket, pulas punya pulas -> PATAH/PECAH! peribahasa melayu applicable : bagai tikus membaiki labu! so, someone has to run to the h/ware store and buy a new part or we'll be having a leaking sink for ages (its a common attitude of us mere mortals to ignore problem until it does not burst... procastinate some people say). so, sementara org pg bli, i took a nap! selfishly of me... to my defense, i believe that too many cooks, spoiled a meal! ok tak alsn?!

so, waking up from my deep sleep, everythin' was fine. the broken part has been replaced, other household needs mending has been done and the aftermath (ayaq bah yg melimpah) has been cleared and wiped.


yeah rite!

as pretentious as i could be; that has forever been my motto. kalu pening ka, muscle pain ka apa, i will always try to lay down hoping to wake up afresh. yes it did work, but only for a (fortunate) few times. and as i grew (wiser), i learnt that in life, you don't ignore problems, you solve them. coz if u don't, it will only hang on to you, even in u'r sleep!

curently tgh bca shopaholic ties the knot, something that my sis pesan ntok bwk come this april vacay. the heroin simply shoved her problems under the carpet and the problem worsen each day. up to the point that only miracles can uproot the dilemma she has. imagine this, having people plan u'r wedding in 2 diff continents on the very same day at the exact same time wif the same guests n of course the only bride n groom! hmmm

so, yes, in an idle/ ideal world, sleeping over problems may seem like a solution but in the real world, facing them is what makes u human...

~this post is dedicated to my 3 years old housemate who has forever been a good help around the (imiginary, london) flat of ours!

Friday, April 11, 2008


D. Archuleta singing FALLIN' by Alicia Keys

the new instalment of the AI is full and bursting with talents! D. Archuleta, D. Cook, M. Johns n dat dreadlock guy. its so hard when u have such a hyped show to ensure dat u’ll never loose track of what u actually wants to offer in the first place. sorry for my conservatism, but a singing competition, how glamorised and controversial it may become, should still always look for a singer/performer... not an entertainer who can only attract people to the TV set, but can do nothing with his talent. Wonder if our own local talent scout show will ever be jam packed wit talent as the latest outing of AI does. Susah tul kalu wt program just for the polemik n kontroversi. Critique2 plak cakap jer pandai, tapi diri sendiri hancus!! Cukup2la mendera telinga n emosi khalayak Malaysia.

anyway, the above is a clipping of d. archuletta in his child(ish) years (which u might easily stumble upon if his singing is what u search 4 in the utube), though skrg pun still a minor (by virtue of law)... he he he... enjoy!

Monday, March 31, 2008


2714 legend/ 290308/ red soiree

10q chanie 4 the help, 4 the prep, 4 the cam n 4 the cat!
10q nader 4 da ice, 4 da jug/ keg, 4 the ‘awake’ n 4 ‘jadi diriku’!
10q joxer 4 coming bck strait from Muar to attend and 4 wearing the REDest cloth eva!
10q tuya 4 trying to endlessly shop 4 red!
10q apes 4 coming down from segamat!
10q sally 4 holding ‘blk kg’ 4 a second just to crash!
10q ijad for postponing u’r PD n 4 the sutun!
10q yemza 4 redahing the rain!
10q hanep 4 showing up BUT we want you to ‘show’ up! He he he
10q vitat 4 da hair n 4 the willingness to subdue over my frantic calls and pestering!
10q halim 4 driving peeps to the soiree!
10q sheque 4 spending time n 4 the body shop!
10q mimi 4 the DVDs, 4 the camera tricks n 4 da pen(?)!
10q yeop 4 the voucher n 4 the dye!
10q ee 4 tackling the traffic and 4 the wipey!
10q adi 4 the eyes n 4 the belt!

In general, thank you all 4 u’r attendance, frenships, tot and definitely 4 just being there fabulously in RED!!! U’r undying lurve n frenship means the world to me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PAVILLION KL mkn2 direktori

In lieu of celebrating my friend’s entry to the blogging word... here are some few tips on dining at the (not so new) Pavillion:

Ichiban Ramen: if you want to try Japanese fushion dishes, this is the place to go. From its variety of rice dishes to its mee(s), everything is a must try! Located in Food Republic.

Jco: please consider yourself an evil spawn of social life if you still have no idea what this store offers u! the smooth and soft doughnuts (with lots of choices to pick from) is another treat/ trip worth making to Pavillion. mind you that the queue (even now the line’s getting shorter) may take you up to 1 (whole) hour! Located near Food Republic and near Mercato.

Pastamania: its flagship store in M’sia. the choices of pastas here are unbelievable, creamy and rich. the pizza is not so great though! Located in Food Republic and near to Mercato.

Tony Roma: you may not find its famous ribs dish here due to the ‘halal’ issues, but the food is really great and the service is superb! serves western cuisine. Located in front of Food Republic.

Zen: located on 6th floor. a new bread of ‘secret receipe’ with a twist. even how demure its look is, the food are, if not better, similar to ‘sercet receipe’ taste (with high end theme n finishing).

bon appetite!

25 going to 26!!!

thank you for all the messages and calls which kept pouring in since last nite. Your love and affection is duly noted, highly regarded and well thanked!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

undi anda adalah rahsia

Everyone is talking about, non-other, than the PILIHANRAYA! In live, everthing u do is via voting. What to wear, what to buy, how to live… the list is endless! But how do you determine that your vote is right and that the choice you take will side with you, at least, for the next five years to come!!! Do you weigh your vote just on the reminiscence of past success and achievements or based on a future that you aspire? Or you just simply vote, to satisfy the art of picking something out of the choices that you have... hmmm...

so, Malaysia, HAPPY VOTING. Vote for yourself, not for others n (maybe) certainly not for the money!!! He he he

Monday, March 3, 2008

nurul jr

congrats nurul on the newborn! darwisha?! he he he 29/2, jimat nk wt b'day party, 4 taun skali!!!

ke MERCU!!!

First off, congratzs to Ayu for winning the new installation of the ONE IN A MILLION season 2 and becoming OJB (Orang Jutawan Baru)! Musti org msh ingt that girl dr Sabah, berambut kerinting dan b’turtle neck putih menyanyikn lagu ‘teman tapi mesra’ OIAM season 1 dulu. Walau tdk berjaya ke top 12, impak kehadirannya memaksa 8TV menjemput Ayu menyanyi di Grand Finale OIAM tahun lepas. Namun, tahun ini Ayu kembali, bkn sekadar memenuhi jemputan, tapi sebagai finalis dan seterusnya juara. A big leap untuk gadis kampong yang tiada pakej kecuali bakat!

Kemenangan Ayu membuktikan Malaysia tidak lagi buta memilih, tapi sudah pandai menghakimi. Apa guna kalu rupa cantik, tiada bakat tapi sebok mengelar diri pelakon/ penyanyi/ pengacara dan artis. Huh!

Ugly duckling mungkin dongeng paling mirip untuk Ayu. So, semakin Malaysia tidak mengira berat seseorang, ketinggian seseorang dan ke’pakej’an seseorang, semakin nmpk industri/ negara kita punya bakat yang boleh dibangga. Apa guna magis make-up, grooming dan fesyen kalu semua lahir perfect!

So, Ayu, jgn jd mcm jutawan taun lepas, sunyi tanpa berita. Harap Monkey Bone tak simpan bakat ini sampai reput atau tenggelam dibawak arus…

i HEART movies

~ These are my points on American Heroism learnt from VANTAGE POINT:

(i) even veteran Americans can submerge a hero, with no back pains nor bad knees. Case in point, its Quaid’s character, Rambo n Die Hard 4!

(ii) American heroes can dodge bullet, survive explosions and drove recklessly through (other peoples') countries without even a cut. But terrorist (foreign/ black in nature) can simply be killed in a single shot.

(iii) How difficult it is, American heroes can always rely on the fact that people there are saving (including their President) can simply showed up in front of them with no harm inflicted.

~ Jane Austen was another author brought to life in BECOMING JANE. The movie tries capturing her life as the point of inspiration in writing her masterpieces including the widely famous ‘Pride and Prejudice’. You may learn the difficulty of being a woman with a point back in those days and the pressure of marrying to secure a future of wealth, not affection from this somber movie. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy performances are noticeable.

~ Viggo got his nod for this year’s Oscar nomination through EASTERN PROMISES (a mafia movie no less of its demeanor. As a Russian mob, Viggo shone in this flick whilst sharing a unique romance with Naomi Watts. If you wanna learn how to kick b*tt, b*tt naked, this is your guide, all 3 mins of ‘em! In the words of Nikolai Luzhin ‘Enough…’

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

red carpet 80th Academy Awards

among those best dressed (what ever other people says/ think)...

raise the RED lantern

red seems not only the colour of the glamourized red carpet, it's also the colour all stylist pinned their stars with! a tribute to the 80th oscars...

Friday, February 22, 2008

debaran si BOTAK!

Dua hari lagi sblm the 80th Academy Awards... Debaran terus memuncak, walau ada yg memandang sepi anugerah tersebut kerana yg menang, kadangkala tak masuk akal, people can't deny that its an award show people are waiting for! N who cares, I'm more in to it for what they wore... he he he... n for the show. Takdela mcm anugerah kt M'sia nih, dh la hampeh, ngaku b'prestij n gempak... n don't get me started wif the red carpet! Don't mis out...

Among contenders for the top nominations are...

Best Picture:
Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood

George Clooney (Michael Clayton), Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood0, Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), Tommy Lee Jones (In the Valley of Elah), Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises)

Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Julie Christie (Away From Her), Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose), Laura Linney (The Savages), Ellen Page (Juno)

Supporting Actor:
Casey Affleck (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Charlie Wilson's War), Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton)

Supporting Actress:
Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There), Ruby Dee (American Gangster), Saoirse Ronan (Atonement), Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone), Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton)

Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Jason Reitman (Juno), Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton), Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (No Country for Old Men), Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Farewell LYDIA SHUM!!


Monday, February 18, 2008


Dunia Baru The Movie -> g tgk ngan bdk2 A&A, slps 'kemarau' dlm menonton filem2 melayu. Maybe sbb 'hooked' dgn karakter2 dunia baru the series, so rasa excited nk tgk. Tp, kali nih mmg aku masuk panggung tanpa sbrg harapan, n dat surely is a formula to apply when watching mly movie(s)! Mngambil kira kemelayuaannya, aku still rasa DBTM nih worth to watch. Besh jugak road trip, m'sian style. Bnyk part tak kering gusi(dgn iringan gelak tawa faezah n kwn2 yusma). Cuma kalu diorg lebey explore relationship opie, adif n erica dan fazli n anizah, maybe yg bkn fans of the series pun akn enjoy tgk!

Jumper -> Senang ckp, a typical hollywood action movie doomed for a sequel!!! but meatball Ikea still a treat whatsoever! he he he... kn nader kn?!

Juno -> Tgk DVD ja! Ellen was marvellous! Cuma waktu 1jam 1/2++ tuh t'lampau pendek untuk carry emosi cerita nih. J. garner tak menonjol sgt n si mamat arrested development tuh, mmg rasa nk sepak ja, maybe bkn semata2 sbb karakter dia tp sbb mmg aku meluat tgk dia! ha ha ha... A creative storyline than the usual yg ditonton. Slalunya fokus adalah pd emosi n dilema mereka yg nk adopt, tapi this film focussed more on the pregnant girl yg nk kasi baby tuh kt org. N citer nih avoid cliche dgn tdk t'lampau fokus dilema si Juno yg terpaksa g skolah smua sbb mengandung dlm usia 16 n all serta perception msyrkt yg even in the west, memandang serong! 1 2 scene yg ada elemen tuh pun was handled quite good. Tak heranla kalu t'calon ocsar for acting n best movie.

Accros the Universe -> Totally a new definition of a musical! Mengambil musik beetles menjadi latar hidup ank remaja di zaman 60an, tema cinta n perang yg mmg hangat waktu itu diolah dgn penuh elemen seni, muzik dan 'drama'. Walau aku rasa story dia ntahpapa, tp gimmick in the musical numbers (incluing UK's Bono punya cameo tuh) mmg 1 niche ntok film nih! bagi sapa fans beetles, jgn lupa tgk n bagi yg tak minat lagu2 mereka, dis is the time to become one! Kredit to nader for loaning (by mistake) the DVD.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lupakan sebentar perdebatan hukum hakam menyambut Hari Valentine, sungguh bukan aku jurist untuk membentang hujah menentukannya. Just wanna talk ‘bout something related to this special day, LOVE! Soalan lazim (FAQ) -> apa itu CiNTA?! Adakah cinta itu interpretasinya bagai Jack dan Rose, ‘you jump… I jump…’ atau mcm Romeo and Juliet, yang ketepikan pertelingkahan keluarga dan sanggup mati demi one another? Atau cinta bagaikan ekpresi Enis bak garapan Ang Lee; kontroversi tapi indah. Or is LoVE sesuci cinta Hajar, sanggup berlari Safa’ - Marwah untuk setitik air buat anak yg menangis kehausan, pasukan polis Bukit Kepong yang bertarung nyawa untuk maruah Negara dan keselamatan keluarga atau Tuah yg sanggup buat apa saja menolak cinta Teja demi cinta(taat) pada pemerintah? Hollywood in these recent years brought back the life of Elizabeth 1, depicting her sacrifice of love for her nation!

So, what is THEN love?! Semestinya jwpn untuk soalan itu, milik setiap individu. Kerana cinta itu HANYA kita yg ‘tahu’, HANYA kita yg ‘rasa’! Clich├ękan? But that’s fact. Kerana cinta kita beza2. Cinta A mungkin melalui bunga dan kata2 indah, cinta B mungkin membawa pulang nasi panas untuk makanan malam, cinta C mungkin melalui bertengkar dan menengking (as odd as this may sound, believe me, there are those of this!) or cinta C mungkin sekadar berdiam dan berdoa agar cinta hatinya bertemu seorang yang lebih baik, lebih cocok. Yela, when you love someone, let her/him go…

Cuma, dlm kita menentukan apa itu cinta, kasih, saying atau yg sejenih dengannya, cuba kita kaji -> Mampukah cinta kita sehebat Anjali, berkorban demi persahabatan, sehebat Shah Jehan, membina makam indah sebagai tugu cinta buat isteri yang sudah tiada atau sehebat Rasulullah yg membiar cucu memanjat tubuhnya tika khusyuk rukuk?!

Kerana aku pasti cinta itu suci (with the exception of those yg ‘memasung’ their love and menyimpan cantik dalam sangkar tanpa memberi langsung kebebasan), tak salah kita berbuat sesuatu untuk mereka yg dicinta. And isn’t it a nice gesture to celebrate the same day as others? Gunakanlah hari ini supaya seorang yg anda cintai, sayangi dan kasihi ada ‘bukti’ tentang cinta anda, sayang anda dan kasih anda pada dia! Tak salah kita merai cinta sekiranya cinta itu sah dan sambutan yg dibuat tidak melanggar hukam hakam.

Walau lucu, rasa menarik bila ada swami isteri menelefon radio berkongsi plan esok ingin kembali seperti zaman mula bercinta di usia remaja dulu!

So, people, LET’S FALL IN LOVE!!! U can start with the person next to u if u want to… he he he

But again, why pick a day, if u can celebrate all 365 of them!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


what did I do over the long holidays besides than enjoying 'the lesser crowd n traffic senario':

070208~went to watch CJ7. what a total let down! promising actors but abrupt ending made it failed in comparison with previous outing from stphen chow. pastuh shopping kt ikea, n wt dekor bersama baraq ntok bilek sendiri... hence the b4 n after pics... tak leh besar2, nanti org nmpk yg tak spatutnya... he he he. in the famous words of eric leong, "cantik tak2x?!"

080208~yusma tunang! congratzs!!! lengoh giler dudok dr kul 12 smpi 6! berenti rehat ntok jumaat n shopping skjp. sedap a nasik aym! tahniahler... akhirnya... darah manis pas nih... he he he

090208~g birthday party bad, ank ZM... dh setaun... dr tak kawen, smpi ank dh setaun kak zureena oit... he he he, bla bad nk dpt adk? ada nasi briyani, laksa, assorted kuey... sedap. esp kuey mysterious yg ada mcm kelapa dlm tuh n luaq cm agar2. he he he. tu gambo bungkusan adiah ntok baby bad!

100208~patutnya g aqiqah umar. tp dek miscommunication takpi. so, some ME time!!! he he he. smbl wt album tunang yusma n tgk dvd!!!

P/S: Nak CUTI lagi!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

canopy WALKWAY

dikaki menuju canopy walkway

cara org gayat posing. trying not to look 30m down!

aerial shot at one of the stop kt ats tuh

last trail sblm balik ke 'bumi', melda entreprem!

people won't believe that I'll fall into eco-tourism, don't fret... me too!! It's just something spontaneous that I do during the last weekend, ats pelawaan melda n farah shawahid. The photographer was my role. U should try this. Just 15mins drive form Batu Caves, breathtaking view an enlightening experience, FRIM’s very own canopy walkway...