Sunday, April 26, 2009

ghost season 2

one of my favourite local tv series is back!!! 10.30pm at 8tv every Sundays

last comic laughing and sreaming

I don't normally watch this movie. why would a pessimist and dark-visioned grown up would, anyway?!

Paul Blart Mall Cop - we didn't know what to watch besides this. in the cinema, people were laughing their heads offs to everything kevin did, but note me and my two friends. we left thinking, as suggested by mimi, our humor threshold are too high for the movie. he he he

40 year-old virin this is not a new muvi, just somethin' I picked out due to rave review. sory, me no likey. especially with seth rogen in it. the movie was less torturing with the presence of paul rudd and steve carrel anyhow.

coming soon another Thai horror movie recommended by friend. enough scare and jolt, but not that much. maybe because the light was on and everyone was commenting and making jokes non stop...

Monday, April 20, 2009

mencari BAKAT

is M'sia in dire need of another (meaningless) artiste?! tv channels to date are in a craze run to produce singing talent reality shows like M'sian can't live on without new singers?! out of hundred of has beens, how many are here to stay?! and to do what exactly?

if having 5 singing talent reality show at one go, at all major channels, is not alarming, what should it be then?

enuff is enuff. american tv (the one we tot we are copying), as I remember, doesn't stop at just AI! some varieties, please, guys...

marley & me

a hearty, lovey dovey movie. can't believe that animals can moved me... a nice watch. inspired by a best selling novel of the same title.

just a question, why do women make decisions and blame it on guys when it goes wrong? in here, jen aniston quits her job to be a full time housewife. but when the going gets tough, guess who got the blame?! the guy and his dog... hummm....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

fast & sweet

CARAMEL - Giving the benefit of doubt due to the bad translation, I tot the movie has its own stand and class. For sure arabic language sounded a lot sexier here! another fine achievement by the Lebanese besides than Ellie Saab.

Fast & Furious 4 - Boring & Loud is more like it. Though the production has garnered enough quota to launch FF5 into production, i tot the movie, compared to its predecessors is a mediocre attempt! Walau aksi jauh lebih hebat dr Impak Maksima (he he he), tp nothing anew! Still clinging on the reverse drive at the highway scene in previous FF.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm just not into it

slow paced dating guide. halfway through, you'll definitely get lost with the actual theme/ premise of the movie.

pelik y smua org lumba2 nk gabung plots of stories into 1 movie rather than focussing on one dynamic storyline?!

another indicator that Jen Aniston's biggest career break was Friends. Up till now, I haven't managed to saw her movie impacted on me... satu scene tuh ben afleck mcm stoned to death jer, scene ats kpl?!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


a well put movie by bryan singer (director of xmen, superman returns) and tom cruise. I liked the premise that how evil hitler was, there are still people inside his own organization who despised him.

on the question whether adolf is truly evil or sometime who tried solving future problems, lets leave it to the academicians to debate on.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Watch

a unique wedding gown one wants to be entangled in

another mermaid gown made in its strictest sense

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the International

the difference between truth and faction... fiction has to make sense.

This is so not a substitute movie if u can't get fast & furious's tickets. an intense filled movie with confusing theme and end!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


b'kesempatan nontong 'wayang' dr Dr. Hatta Azad Khan. if the movie and the likes of those produced by PROF razak mohaideen are the benchmark of product by M'sian film academician, then M'sia is definitely heading towards a gloomy future! immature and b'terabur. jln cerita mlm budaya camping trip kebanyakannya lebih kreatif dan hebat dr ini. ingt dengan mengambil wayang kulit sbg tema pergerakan naratif cerita, habih artsy la?! TOLONGGG!!! zul huzaimy, as always, a colourful actor though.

Shop till You Drop

having been an avid fan of the series (thanks 2 my sis and her fwenzs), confessions is an enjoyable movie, a fun watch chic-flick. Isla (pronounced as Iala by the master pronunciation guru, aimi) is delightful and funny.

p/s: shopaholic is no disease, so as internet savvy!he he he

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Only managed to watch this oscar contender. I love the emotional roller coaster ride through it! A fine watch.