Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Her Majesty's Wedding Dress

Congratulations are in order for the happy couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Since the day of the engagement, the world holds its breath for the dress everyone was dying to have a peek on. Only when she stepped out that faithful morning of 29 April 2011 that the world was introduced to the creation of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and believe me, most sounds were the sound of relive and joy. The oohs and aahs started right from her emerging from Goring Hotel into the car. Beautiful in ivory and white satin lace and full skirt, she opted for the Cartier tiara loaned to her by Her Majesty the Queen and custom made shoes from the team. It is reported that she did her own make up and the hand bouquet has flowers for luck.

Her traditional and modern look was inspired by the dress worn by another Cinderella in her own story, Grace Kelly, during her wedding day to Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

Her bridesmaid also wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McqQueen. Cameron Diaz once wore the same outfit the Lady in Waiting, Pippa Middleton, wore to the wedding; when she attended the Golden Globes.

For the dinner celebrations, the bride donned another white satin gown creation paired with a mohair cropped cardigan, also by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Photo credit to Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

No Story to Tell

No Strings Attached is a boring movie. Heck. I almost fall asleep watching it. Besides than trying to get Natalie Portman and Ashton Kuthcer naked on film, I really don’t see what purpose did the movie serves.

End of review. (I really have nothing else to say)

Friday, April 29, 2011

THOR Datang lagi!

I managed to catch Thor last nite. The hard thing of breathing life into an animated character is to ensure the outcome is not borderline into cartoonish. There are, however, directors who gave comical life to a comic character, but not in Thor. With the mentioning of Stark (Iron Man) we can see that they will be an intertwine plot line between the characters in the future. Let’s not talk about that, but focus on the movie first.

For this kind of movie, I see Thor as having an ordinary plotline, not like how Nolan has uplifted the Batman franchise or even the Superman character which story telling now seats at a rather level of its own. Having described the Asgardian as having enormous powers, it is upsetting, that their powers cannot still prevent them from a blunder which is unfixable at the end of this movie, or at least for this installment.

The story revolves around the envy of a second child to his brother, next in line to the throne, where he did things so that his brother is banished from their world and removed from the accession line. Thor was sent to the world, expecting him to build up his character and became wiser for the throne so that he has the will to decide with his mind, not his guts. This is only loosely seen through him falling in love with a girl (a plot which needs more fine tuning) and sacrificing his life for mankind (he looked dead until saved, so did he really die for mankind?!). Thor also has four (useless) friends which without him, they all will die like flies. Besides than Thor’s hunkiness, the light cinematic experience may enthrall some.

Rio (de janeiro) in TGV KLCC

Since animated movies re-polished into cash cows, it seems that all production houses fight for the small pool of attraction, the kids, the parents and the adult who always felt kid-liked at heart. The latest of this genre is Rio. Due to the bad past experience Blu, the last blue macaw of its kind, can’t even do what normal birds do i.e fly. Through fate, Blu met Jewel and yada2 he gained back (expectedly enough) his animal instincts and could fly-off like all macarel can.

Frankly, I’m not into animated movies, especially with talking animals in it. It’s a fun watch and a delicious past time to delve in. I saw people laughing and most of its targeted audience enjoyed the movie through- out. So, I believe that the movie is a good one and a fun experience to share.

What I’m more incline to visit, in the movie’s storyline, is two-fold.

First, can we, under different circumstances, loose our own identity and capability and can then thrust back to our normal selves if we return to normalcy? This begs the question of we, being humans, do we have other strength and abilities which we are actually capable of, but not explored, due to our surrounding?

And second, can we really go to the extra mile, just for our love and do things we are sure, all this while, we are not capable of?

According to Rio, both answers are a resounding yes!

There is always this notion that love cures all and solves all. So, more lovers ppl, less haters!

Falling In and Outta LOVE

I actually like how this movie, Blue Valentine, penned out to be. It’s an ordinary tale with exceptional style and editing, and speaks the truth about a relationship. You might love someone at the start of a relationship and you can’t deny that there is probability for you to fall out of it, midway. Both Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are now pros at their own game. You felt the emotion, the burden and the shredding love the couple shared both between them and to their lovely daughter.

For me, and I believe for most as well, falling in love is an easy process, but staying in one is the difficult part. You may like a dress in a window, but you can never be sure you’ll love it more and more wearing it.

Good luck lovers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Malaysian Welcomes to Their Home: Apple's iPad 2 starting 29 Apr 2011

Halfway across the world, Londoners celebrate the reception of a new princess in their life. Here in our home, Malaysian also have the oppurtinity to be excited over something; the invasion of iPad 2.

Yup, starting tomorrow, 29 April 2011 iPad 2 will be available and sold at selected Machines store. You can expect ques right form tonite in Midvalley and Sunway Piramid (other stores does not permit this and you need to start que early tomorrow morning, FYI).

Not too late for my birtday gift, a belated one that is 9for those who are still considering lah kan...).

Galeri Petronas: Bicara Sifu

Semalam, sementara menunggu rakan2 sampai, saya berkesempatan mengunjungi Galeri Petronas, KLCC. Sekiranya ia dibuka dan terdapat pameran baru, saya sudah pasti cuba utk menjadi ‘orang seni’. Untuk makluman, sekarang berlangsung pameran Bicara Sifu yang menampilkan 51 hasil karya pelbagai bentuk dan rupa oleh 85 seniman/ pensyarah fakulti seni dan rekabentuk dari 9 IPT termasuk UiTM, UIAM, USM, UM, USM dan UPM.

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk berasa takjub dengan pameran ini.

Maaf, mutu gambar kurang memuaskan.

Nabil Maharaja Lawak Doing Bruno Mars' Grenade

Persembahan Nabil, Minggu ke 3 Maharaja Lawak di Astro Warna.

And this is the man, himself, performing at the last Grammys.

Lu Pikirla sendirik!

Lady Diana's Wedding Dress

In anticipation of Kate’s ‘the dress’, we pay tribute to the one which shocked the world, end of July 1981. Created by the dynamic duo of husband and wife designers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the dress was made up of ivory silk, pure taffeta and antique lace, with 10,000 hand sewn pearls and sequins and had a 25 ft train; fit for the ceremony held at the enormous St Paul’s Cathedral. Lace used was from Queen Marry, crowned in 1911 and from the day the designers commissioned to create the gown, their windows were closed with blinds and security guards hired to oversee the grounds. The heavy train also called for rehearsals during its 5 months fitting processes. For something borrowed, Lady Diana wore a tiara from the Spencer’s family collection and for something blue, a ribbon was hiddenly sewn to the dress together with lucky charms for a long lasting marriage.

The dress launched the career of the now-divorced-business-partner into a household couturier, TV show presenter and designer for both movie projects and corporate conglomerate’s uniforms, and catapulted Lady Diana into the People Princess she’s now regarded as, despite her passing.

Now displayed to the public, the dress flew all around the world to be exhibited. As the world cringes on what to be the next wedding dress of the decade, the truth will only be made known, come morning of April 29, 2011!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Invitation Everyone Waits For: The Royal Wedding Guest List

Clarence House has released a list of guests who are confirmed as attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011. Those which I can’t wait to see are:

Members of the Royal Family
The Queen
The Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Harry

Members of Foreign Royal Families

The Sultan of Brunei and Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha
The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia
The Emir of The State of Qatar and Sheika Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

Representatives from the Church and other Faiths

Imam Mohammad Raza
Maulana Syed Raza Shabbarm, Muhammadi Trust

Other guests

Ian Thorpe, Australian Olympic swimmer who met the prince on a visit to Australia in 2010.
Rowan Atkinson, close friend of The Prince of Wales.Sir Elton John, performer who sang at Diana's funeral.
David and Victoria Beckham, have met the prince as President of the Football Association, on a number of occasions.
Guy Ritchie, friend of Prince William and Miss Middleton.
Joss Stone, singer.Mario Testino, photographer who took Prince William and Miss Middleton's official portrait photographs to mark their engagement.

View the full list here!

PHOTO MOOD: Rachel Bilson shot by Karl Lagerfeld for Magnum Ice Cream

Remember this post? This is one of the result. Much more coming soon.

For more, go here!


For those who have basic knowledge of what a shoe is, like me, maybe we can educate ourselves by studying the above picture, provided by

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate on Malaysian TV

For us Malaysian (and other countries which are able to tap into our brodcasts) who are keen to keep updated with the wedding, if you have basic Astro account, you can watch the following at TLC (Channel 707)

Charles and Di: Once Upon a Time Premieres Monday, April 25 at 9:00pm
Relive the most-watched wedding of the 20th century—one billion people, all glued to the television on July 29, 1981, as Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. This two-hour special takes viewers back to that very day, replaying the memorable romantic moments as well as fascinating, never-seen-before footage. From the quirky to the queenly, poptoid graphics on screen reveal little-known facts and behind-the-scenes trivia about what made this a fairytale wedding come true.

Royally Astounding: 30 Defining Days of the Monarchy Premieres Tuesday, April 26 at 9:00pm
This compelling documentary holds up a magnifying glass to 30 days in the life of the royal family over the last 30 years. How did the British Monarchy learn from the mistakes made back in 1981 to ensure the mismatch of Charles and Diana would not be repeated in 2011 with William and Kate? We count the 30 key dates—good and bad—that enabled a many-centuries-old institution to "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Wild About Prince Harry Premieres Wednesday, April 27 at 9:00pm
With his brother William about to tie the knot, Prince Harry, at 26, takes over the top spot on the list of the world's most eligible bachelors. This hour-long special seeks to answer the question of just how did a teen—so troubled after his mother's death—manage to transform himself into a war hero, a charity campaigner, and a royal pin-up worthy of best man status?

Making of a Royal Wedding Premieres Thursday, April 28 at 9:00pm
What does it take to pull off a once in a lifetime event? This hour-long special brings audiences inside some of the amazing choreography of logistics and details that go into preparing for the wedding of the century. From security to dresses, from maintenance to meals, we'll catch up with the tailors, photographers, artisans, vendors and even wedding guests as they all get ready for the Big Day.

Extreme Royal Collections Premieres Thursday, April 28 at 10:00pm
Meet the most avid royal collectors from around the world! In the UK, squeeze into Margaret's home where, after 30 years of non-stop collecting, she lives proudly surrounded by 10,000 plates, cups, spoons, and figurines in an amazing world of regal clutter. In Australia, rub shoulders with Janet and Philip, a couple who regularly open their doors to tour bus parties for tea and a tour of their royal bounty. And in the US, get a glimpse of the glamorous world of Pat, a high-end collector whose haul of royal collectables includes some of Princess Diana's dazzling gowns.

Countdown to the Royal Wedding Premieres Friday, April 29 at 3:00pm
Royal experts and beloved Say Yes to the Dress star Randy Fenoli host a round table from the UK, New York and beyond to bring viewers up to speed on everything they need to know for the big day.

Live Royal Wedding coverage – (LIVE) Premieres Friday, April 29 at 5:00pm
Join Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear, Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress, and entertainment correspondent Amanda Byram, who will be bringing you the day's events in a special version of the live coverage exclusive to TLC.

For other listed programmes with other packages, check here.

For those with no Astro package, you can still catch the ceremony on NTV7 on 29 April 2011 starting from 3pm and catch up on, later on.

Happy viewing!

A Dress Fit For the Queen

Long before the speculation of Kate’s impending wedding dress and the magnificent fairytale-liked wedding gown of Diana’s, the world awed at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress and her coronation gown. Thanks to the first knighted couturier, Sir Norman Hartnell, fashion sense of the Royal Family took a major turned into the spotlight with his well embellished creations. Helmed as the fashion designer who launches England’s couture business to rival that of French, his designs spoke to many younger designers who took inspiration in delivering their masterpieces. This includes Christian Dior’s New Look collection which was set to emblaze the fashion world.

Originating from Cambridge where he had his first pool of socialite (and their mothers) to dress, Sir Norman Hartnell came into the Royal houses when he was commissioned to dress Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, who was about to marry the King's youngest son, the Duke of Gloucester
and her bridesmaid, the soon to be Queen of England, Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret. Starting from the Queen Mother taking him to dress the Royal Family for their state visits, Sir Norman Hartnell became a household name for the rich and famous, where during his career he had the chance of dressing the uber famous starlets; Marlene Dietrich, Merle Oberon and Elizabeth Taylor.

Restrained by his strict clientele’s dresscode and the evolving world of fashion, Sir Norman Hartnell died a modest person living behind a tremendous legacy for younger generation’s imitable thoughts.


People often said that nothing is free these days, but they often forget that LOVE is. True love la kan!

This morning on the radio I heard a story. A boy ran from home after quarrelling with his mother and left to wonder. Being so hungry and with no money in his pocket, he came across a café and was caught by the owner staring at the food on display. The owner took pity and fed the boy. Crying, he said ‘You are a good man, though you did not know me, you are most ready to give me a plate of a hot meal. Unlike my mother who scolded me and chase me out to the streets with nothing!’. Shocked, the café owner replied, ‘You thanked me even only when I did was supply you with a single meal. But your mother had done much more by feeding you from you being a little baby and now a grown up teenager!’. Realizing he had done a wrong thing running away, he went back home where his mother, worried, was looking all over for him. ‘Come my son, let’s have something to eat. I’ve been searching for you so long and I hadn’t had anything yet to eat. I can’t eat with you not around…’ said the mother hugging his son who’d return to her. The boy cried more and more, hearing this.

Indeed, sometime, we look too much on a price of a help extended from a stranger than value the free love and affection given by someone we know all along.

So, forget about the price tag and let’s dance to this rendition of Jessie J’s Pricetag!

It's not about the money, money, money...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Red Hooded Girl, LOST

From the director of Twilight, comes another wolf-human-love story inspired by the tales of Red Riding Hood. The storyline maybe a bit draggy and the acting a bit superficial at times, but the director managed to instill horror and thrill, or what seems to be it, to keep the audience on the guessing game throught out. Heck, everyone is a suspect! You have the usual character of the bad wolf, little (big kowt) red riding hood in the name of valerie, grandmother who lives far from other people and the dashing Peter who's the wood cutter. If you really could not settle with the fiction based storyboard or the minimal action you’ll be served with, the eye candies in the movie would be more than compensating.

The story in the end, like Twilight, boils down to the question how deep is your love to accept someone into your heart, unconditionally. There is always this search (by women in particular) for Mr Right/ Mr Perfect or even Prince Charming but we sometime fail to ignore that it is the flaw(s) that make us human and unique from one another. This distinctive feature or, in certain cases, similarity is what draws one to each other. Perfect is boring, but the art to attain perfection is exquisite.

So, whether your partner is a wolf or a rabbit, the decision to love or to hate is for you to make! And of course some would rather pick the ultra white fur rabbit than the choclatish with spots for perfection basis disregarding that the white one are with medical condition known as albino! Perfection is overrated, indeed.

What big ears do you have... the easier to hear you, dear...

What big eyes do you have... the easier to see you, dear...

What big teeth do you have... the easier to EAT you! Ha Ha Ha (gelak besaq x ingat dunia)


Sarapan di Dataran Merdeka

Walaupun, Sabtu yang lalu, paginya sekadar sarapan roti dan air kotak kopi susu untuk bersiap menghadiri acara amal Special Ride for Special Students, menu untuk berikutnya is ‘fit for a king’.

Sedikit mengenai acara amal tersebut, sekumpulan besar ahli2 kelab motorsikal berkuasa tinggi dan kereta mewah hadir ke Dataran Merdeka untuk memberi peluang kanak2 istimewa dari serata Malaysia membonceng dan menaiki kereta dan motor mereka mengelilingi bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. Aku yang kurang istimewa ni, tengok jerla!

Makan Tengahari di Sup Meletup, Sg Besi

Mudah sahaja untuk ke sini, Selepas beberapa kali di promosi, saya berpeluang ke sana. Katanya menu utara, tapi ‘moi’ pun tak tau! ish3x… Ok, dari MRR2 Ampang menghala ke Bukit Jalil, belok kiri di selekoh Shell selepas persimpangan Bandar Tasik Selatan. Terus hingga ke traffic lite, belok kanan dan gerai tersebut di sebelah kanan anda sahaja. Disini orang makan nasi ayam, bihun sup, mi sup, kuey teow sup dan pelbagai jenis sup lain. Hirup saja pun boleh! Panas2, pekena bihun sup VIP (semua taruh) dengan tembikai laici memang terbaik!

Minum Petang di Alpha Angel

Sementara menunggu teman gunting rambut, saya menikmati chocotop sundae McD. Pulang ke rumah, kawan beli Durian Udang Merah (seketul RM5) dgn teh bunga. Saya yang hanya makan durian kalau bersama pulut, santan dan gula, sahaja, ni pun berebut! Memang terbaik.

Makan Malam Seafood di Bagan Lalang

Quick nap, bangun dan terus menghala ke Bagan Lalang untuk seafood splendor. First time nih, excited walaupun jauh. Apa perlu anda buat, halakan kereta ke Nilai/ Sepang dan cari sahaja jalan ke Sepang Gold Coast/ Seri Malaysia, Insyallah... Kedainya sebelum resort2 tuh dan selepas pekan. Guna sahaja papago atau garmim untuk memudahkan. Di HM Sri Bagan, malam tuh saya melantak butter prawn, udang goreng tepung, ketam masak rempah, pepahat dan ikan bakar bersama nasi lemak (nasi putih pun ada. Makanan seimbang kenala ada sayur sayuran, kalian ikan masih jeh yang diorder… Air, sejug sirap limau.
Dessert Frozen Yougurt

Kalau anda belum pernah mencuba, silakan. Inilah tempat kami melepak bila balik dari Bagan Lalang. Terdapat outlet di pelbagai kawasan; salah satunya di Wangsa Maju. Sedap jugak Tutti Frutti nih… tapi kalu makan selalu, mau kopak!

Malam berakhir dengan terbongkang tak sedaq habaq. Esok bangun hanya mampu lunch JM Bariyani sahaja... Briyani dengan ayam masak merah. he he he 

p/s: pernah makan kopok leko with mayo and cili sos dekat Nelson's tak? sedap wo...

Makan utk hidup tau, jangan hidup utk mkn!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justin Bieber Get Nasi Lemak

Dapat gambar ni dari blog nih...

Seeing #biebergetnasilemak as the Malaysian twitter trending made me want to extend our warmth Malaysian hospitality to the dude. Justin Bieber is performing tonite at Stadium Merdeka. Heard he brought Selena Gomez along!

So, Selamat Datang and Patahkan kakimu (break a leg)!

Here's a recent flash mob at the Pavillion, in anticipation of his arrival!

Sofia Vergara 'Pepsi'ng David Beckham

Diet Pepsi debut the new commercial starring the sexy Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and the wealthiest footballer, David Beckham.

Both Vergara and David are no strangers to Pepsi. Here's Sofia ad from years back, even before her now uberly fame actress life begun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Burkini

It seems that Miss Sweet Tooth Herself, Nigella Lawson, tried out (what seems to be) a Burkini during her recent escapade. The piece is an esamble of Burka + Bikini, a modern take of swimwear for muslimah. Good for sun protection and religious observance.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Lacey

Paying tribute to the upcoming wedding of the decade, here's some tips on rocking white laces in public.

Diane Kruger in D&G

Jennifer Lawrence, also, in D&G

Another look in D&G by Leslie Mann

or splash some red indot like Kate Bosworth, in Erdeem

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jumping Over In Suits

Percaya tak, Bahasa Melayu for Jumpsuit adalah 'Baju Monyet'?! he he he

Floral Prints

This is a great way showcasing floral prints, n heck, I like floral prints on white silk, anyway...

Take some cue from Liana Liberato, an upcoming movie star, in Erdeem

or same style tips from Corinne Bailey Rae and Alexis Bedel in Stella McCartney

and even you can rock it, Camilla Belle style, in Carolina Herrera!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding of the Century: Prince William and Kate Middleton

T-Mobile joined in the celebration by creating this cute ad as spoof for the upcoming nuptials. Enjoy!

Here's a behind the scene look.

The Royal Family look alikes... Camila and William are spot ons!

Louis Vuitton Creatures

For all LV fanatics out there, you can try our purchasing this... I bet the list will put you up to centuries of waiting. Recently, the giant fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has commissioned Billie Achilleos, a London-based self-described “versatile artist and maker of things,” to create four beautiful “creatures” which are The Chameleon - for colour, The Grasshopper - for sounds of zips and press studs, The Beaver - for functionality and the Armadillo - for the materials strength. For the like of us who can only afford, not even the small coin purse, enjoy the pics.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyone is From Nowhere, Heading to Somewhere

I read somewhere that this movie, The Man From Nowhere, was the biggest K-Movie last year. Guess Won Bin still has the chops to sell pictures.

This is a good-guy-went-all-the-way-to-save-a-chick kind of a movie. But the chic here came in the form of a very cute and pesky girl, her neighbor.

Won Bin, entangled, went for a killing spree to retrieve the girl who was kidnapped with her mom, whose internal organs were later harvested. As usual, to make the plot believable, Won Bin is an ex army with specialized combat skills.

Do watch this if you are into killing-all-that stand kind of a fella, or just a chick waiting to watch a glimpse of Won Bin’s washboard abs!

This movie really shows that man(kind) will go to all extend to save the life of someone dear to them. Many of such movie showed that the main character will go over mountains, even, if it’s needed to.

But sometimes, even how you strive to do it, it is actually in the hands of God to decide as life and death is His decision and not ours. I’ve been hearing so much death around me lately, friends from the university and miscarriages by expecting mums. It makes me realize that everything is ultimately in His will. The departures are also, reminders, for us to return to His true calling.

For everyone, be strong! His test means His love and surely, He knew best.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 10 People Magazine's Most Beautiful Person 2011

Even the voted most beautiful people has their up and lows. The magazine's tally in a descending order.

10. The new and upcoming movie star, Emma Stone

09. Desperate Housewives' Dena Delany

08. Twilight's Kellan Lutz

07. The exploding vocalist and aspiring actress, Jennifer Hudson (I gues this pic is way before her current slimmed down figure)

06. Mrs Cruise, Katie Holmes

05. The cute Mandy Moore

04. The boots are made for walking, Jessica Simpson

03. Reese Whitterspoon

02. Zac HSM Efron

01. The judge on current American Idol, Jennifer Lopez

Seriusly, JLo's more beautiful than Zac? Seriously?! So weird having men in the list... Can't they make another list, the Most Handsome, or something?!

Sour Code

I was not intrigued at all to watch the Source Code at first; however Nadia of Fly.Fm and this blog changed my mind, kindda. Sorry Nadia, I’ve to agree with Prem, Doraemon’s (way) cooler! WHY?

1. Right from the start you can figure out who the bomber is, definitely, the one who gets off at the starting scene. Why, because the story soon develops to show that the bomber is planning another bombing and the (movie) fact is Americans psycho(s) are too crazy to work in groups. Unless the movie tries to show that the attack is from other nations, ethnicity or religion, than the guessing game would turn upside down. If you have not realized it yet, Hollywood movies always depict an American antagonist to conspire alone but, not others who always have extra lives to spare and extra resources to waste.

2. I hate movies which plot deals with the same timeline and however impossible it is, the main character is always able to change what to occur despite the long discussion of such inability (destructing time continuance, death row effect etc.).

3. I like Jake and Vera here. However other characters are annoyingly built, from the heroine who has no impact and magically woos Jake through his confusion of time continuance, the geek who got targeted just for being on the phone, the motion sickness guy who was sharply dress to a point it would be illogical for him to carry a duffel bag containing bombs and the old woman who was scared to shit just by looking at the violence Jake made. Moreover, what is with the conductors? Annoying!

4. This movie tried to capture the magic of the latest Inception and other movies of the same making but felt miserably. The plots are too loose. Why would Jake imagine he is in a vertical plane as his first shot he was hanging up facing to the ground since he last memory was maybe in a plane crash, he should end up fantaand why does the imaginary from Jake future experience flashes before he was rebooted in the source code as not he or the guy on the train woul have the memory as yet.

Just not enough of a kick for me.