Saturday, May 30, 2009

shop till u drop

last thursday nite, sec 14, PJ was erupted by the collapse of the Jaya Supermarket, one of its long standing signature. the supermarket really is nostalgic as it is the closest haven to all IIU matric's student back during my days... the nearest lepak place. for more info/ pics, click here. search for survivors are now still in progress.

at the other end of KL, JJ wgsa maju, another eruption occured yesterday. this time is due to the J card sale! this is my 2nd xperience in such sale which commands many working wives taking leaves in its dedication. looking back at the my whole period there, it made me wonder whether the recession has any effect on us m'sian?! on the same note, many are contemplating at flockin' to s'pore for it grand sale this month... hmmm... JJ wgsa maju is, peculiarly, the closest haven for IIU Gombak's student.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

night watch

I felt less attracted to watch this. for me its just meant to be watch via DVD or HBO... noting mesmerizing n pressing to push for a watch at the cinema. but for the sake of having a fren laugh, I went for it. nothing much to tell... just a summer filler... u won't felt left out not watching it for sure!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

memoirs of a GEISHA

finally after much delay, I've managed to read the book, which I longed even before the movie was released. the screen version was quite ok, maybe the difficulty of the language faced by the actors, a bit lowering the bar of the movie, it is still an enjoyable watch. but having read it, i felt like reading through a softcore pornographic material... or maybe this is what a romantic novel looks like, I don't know. leaving a side the culture, this was really not my cup of tea... or sake... maybe... ha ha ha

no wonder many has come out to rebut the idea of a geisha potrayed by golden. am currently looking for geisha of gion, a novel written by one of golden's resource in putting together the memoirs as she herself claimed golden having twisted her words in publishing the book!

cinema on9

Angels & Demons will put u on u'r edge of u'r seat! can't wait to read the literature.

Frost/Nixon showed good acting chops and a thriller drama surely enjoyable.

Make It Happen is like a poor make over of Step and any other teenager dance movie. the story lacks depth and strength.

Dragonball is mediocre. consider watching this only if u are hardcore fan or just plain doesn't know what to do with u'r free time...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Queens of Langkasuka

since Suriyothai, Thai movie makers seemed to launched a craze in making epic movies with this as a latest edition of unsuccessful follow up. is ananda heading to a flop streak now?

a movie on langkasuka's queen with minor details on the trial tribulation of them. character registry is not that strong.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek : The Journey Resumes

seldom a movie meets its expectations. I went to watch the movie with high hopes, and the movie really did deliver. brilliantly done, rewriting the whole history of the movie and possibly launching a successive franchise ahead. go watch this!

having said that, I still share a little let down so as this writer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a JOYFULL read an AWFUL watch

though I still can't grasp the overwhelming accolades the movie received, the book was actually a joy to read. a page turner and full of life. seeing the movie, it seems that the book was given no justice and making award given for its screenplay writing is a total nonsense!

a movie where I enjoyed both onscreen and on page is Ayat2 Cinta. having said that, the book is still far fetched from the movie.

no wonder most writers are reluctant to give up their treasured piece to be made as a movie. the 'creative license' was almost always overused. and now I know why most bookworms go out of 'book-turned-movie devasted.

p/s: am looking forward to read angels and demons and laskar pelangi. hoped that angels and demon is not badly treated as the da vinci code was.

Monday, May 4, 2009


fast paced, action packed. pity gambit's character was too brief!