Monday, January 14, 2008

3BuLaN 6HaRi

dats the total calculation how long my blog has been left to dirt! n since Oct 12, a lot has happened! 2 nu years (masihi n hijrah), a long break (14 days to be exact!), my sister relocating to Vietnam n the 'eids of course. amazingly enuff, my life remains the same, despite the gain in weight. he he he

so the big question, 4 years in the run to the enter the world of 30 something, waht are my plans?! at least for the next 12 months?! again, amazingly enuff nothing is planned n penned. talk about n aimless life! hwargh har hargh. so, maybe this is a promise to myself, end this sufurring n commit to a plan n maybe do something so dat by 30, u have u'r own home, u'r own car n u'r own someone to share little bit of teeny winne life of urs...

so, all the best to u guysz! have a splendid 2008 n 1949h!

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