Friday, June 20, 2008


red carpet royale, Cate Blanchet wowing people at the 2008 Cannes

it's been 56 days since I updated my blog and 51 days since I last own a job! that means I have equally 1344 FREE hours to update and write sumthing here... but, strangely enough I didn't manage to even bleep! that just show how time flies when u'r enjoying life! N this is what living in the epitome of laziness is! ha ha ha

4 those yg nak tau, I'm still jobless and is actively (more towards relaxly) seeking for a job. kalu ada... insyallah... n truth be told, a lot happened during the past 1 month and 26 days... can't wait to blog it out!

p/s: to mimi, ikut jejak lgkh mr. manager ka?

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princessanna said...

i really wonder whats goin on with you???