Sunday, April 26, 2009

last comic laughing and sreaming

I don't normally watch this movie. why would a pessimist and dark-visioned grown up would, anyway?!

Paul Blart Mall Cop - we didn't know what to watch besides this. in the cinema, people were laughing their heads offs to everything kevin did, but note me and my two friends. we left thinking, as suggested by mimi, our humor threshold are too high for the movie. he he he

40 year-old virin this is not a new muvi, just somethin' I picked out due to rave review. sory, me no likey. especially with seth rogen in it. the movie was less torturing with the presence of paul rudd and steve carrel anyhow.

coming soon another Thai horror movie recommended by friend. enough scare and jolt, but not that much. maybe because the light was on and everyone was commenting and making jokes non stop...

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