Tuesday, July 7, 2009

muvi wiken

Departuers lived up to its accolade. a fresh script and a heart-warming storyline. definately, u'll have new found respect for this kind of 'professionals'.

Obssesed I'll definately watch whatever muvi Bee is in. her vocal talent was not explored in this movie compared to her past outings, which is something refreshing. besides than the nasty catfights between both Bee and Ali, I don't see anyu reasons for other movi goers to catch this. better project next time!

12 Monkeys another clueless 90s movie geared up with technophobic n extremes science fiction wif bruce willis n brad pitt. brad pitt worked hard for his character though...

Sparrow a good premise, but dissapointing put through... ending ntahpapa.

and another movie... not worth mentioning. ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

I guess the not-worth-mentioning-movie cant be mentioned in public

Not for kids perhaps

mubaraq ahmad said...

well... partly... tp mmg x besh! bazir duit ja.