Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad Teacher vs Friends with Benefits

I’ve managed to watch JT’s Friends With Benefits last weekend and Bad Teacher the week before. This is 2 movies that you should take some time to go see. If you are still not sure, here’s 3 reasons (each) why you should:


1. Cameron D is hilarious and played her character perfectly!
2. The storyline’s clever with a dash of romance towards the end.
3. JT, though playing a small part, is downright believable.


1. Clever lines3x
2. No pairing can compare to the one with both JT n Mila Kunis. Ka ba boom!!!
3. JT is half naked most of the time (?!)


Salle Sulieman said...

Baraq, kebetulan i baru tgk filem Bad Teacher. and i was surprised at Cameron Diaz. She was a bitch in that movie! hahaha..

NKLi G'KaR said...

2 la... I think she played it geniusly. never knew she had that in her... dia dh ada menang award apa ntah for that... tp not a major one.