Monday, July 23, 2007

in the case of mythS vs factS...

well... it's hard being a lawyer, yet u attend to no court hearings! susah la nk menjawb bila org tanya... so guys/girls, lets straighten a few thing out... here

myth: all lawyers go to courts.
fact: only those called litigators (lawyers who do litigation be it civil or criminal), attend court matters. most lawyers, doing conveyancing (property matter – jual beli umah etc.) n corporate lawyers who attend to inter companies transactions are not required to do so. we draft things and not fight over the matter. Kalu pegi pun, just ntok lodgement of stuffs. unless you do all three la kan.

myth: lawyers only wear black n white.
fact: sori, to disappoint, we still have colours on our shirts! Fancy one at times... so, yes, we can still wear the Roul shirts you intend to give us for presents... he he he. we only wear black n whites when appearing in court... and no, we no longer wear wigs! Plus, robes are usually worn only in the High Courts or those courts ranking higher (Appeal Court n Federal Court that is).

myth: all lawyers handle (at least) criminal cases.
facts: no we don’t... not all doctors are neuro surgeon ok!

n plus, whatever you do in life, its not what your profession that counts its your self satisfaction, which wakes you up smiling to the office!!!


asni said...

wah baraq is not thinking about resigning anymore? =p

mubaraq ahmad said...

asni, rest assure that resigning will forever be my aim in life! ha ha ha