Thursday, July 12, 2007


how can u have friends and stay friends?

lepas dh smkn tua ni, I realise, it's not just hard to make friends (getting all the trust and those friendship qualities instilled) but keeping one as well. masa zaman sek. men. (mind you that I go to 2 different schools), not just keeping track of friends from the old schools were hard enough... making new friends at the new school is nothing but an uphill task! lucky I got 10 best friends at the end! but sticking to them up to today... is yet another journey.

in the university, again, a new circle(s) of friends is a must have. nasib baik some of those familiar faces back at school (both 2 schools), went to the same U as I did... so, manageable la skek! everything is a perfect picture (at that time)! on graduating, new sets of friends (and foes) and alliances were formed (alhamdulillah).

dan skrg, di tmpt keje... new friends emerged! but the problems remains... keeping them (plus the old ones) as friend is yet another process... n through that long process - some vanishes - some stays - some takes time to dine or lunch - n gladly, some loves the idea of a reunion. it is sad thinking that your 'collection' of friends might disappear one day!

however tricky it is, having friends is always a blessing... to friends now and the future... I hope that our friendship last n will forever stay... because friends, in a way are family... esp, those you bagged since your adolescent!!

p/s: nadeu, azmey, yeop, ixar, joxer n nodeng... 2 days n counting... cant’ wait!


amar said...

aku miss 2 org dlm gambar tu..ko & izar.. ;)

Sallefornia said...

Talking about friendship...I agree with ur opinion that it is difficult to build it up at this age. To me, it's a bit late. I prefer to keep what I have now. It will be memories, ever after.