Wednesday, February 6, 2008

canopy WALKWAY

dikaki menuju canopy walkway

cara org gayat posing. trying not to look 30m down!

aerial shot at one of the stop kt ats tuh

last trail sblm balik ke 'bumi', melda entreprem!

people won't believe that I'll fall into eco-tourism, don't fret... me too!! It's just something spontaneous that I do during the last weekend, ats pelawaan melda n farah shawahid. The photographer was my role. U should try this. Just 15mins drive form Batu Caves, breathtaking view an enlightening experience, FRIM’s very own canopy walkway...

1 comment:

MELDA said...

yeah..baraq is absolutely right.. its unforgetable experience.. btw u shuld thanks me & farah for dragging u to join us... n u r hired to b our photographer for our next trip..hehehe
nway since its very near to ur place...u shld go there evry weekend to exercise...jgn mare..:P