Monday, March 3, 2008

i HEART movies

~ These are my points on American Heroism learnt from VANTAGE POINT:

(i) even veteran Americans can submerge a hero, with no back pains nor bad knees. Case in point, its Quaid’s character, Rambo n Die Hard 4!

(ii) American heroes can dodge bullet, survive explosions and drove recklessly through (other peoples') countries without even a cut. But terrorist (foreign/ black in nature) can simply be killed in a single shot.

(iii) How difficult it is, American heroes can always rely on the fact that people there are saving (including their President) can simply showed up in front of them with no harm inflicted.

~ Jane Austen was another author brought to life in BECOMING JANE. The movie tries capturing her life as the point of inspiration in writing her masterpieces including the widely famous ‘Pride and Prejudice’. You may learn the difficulty of being a woman with a point back in those days and the pressure of marrying to secure a future of wealth, not affection from this somber movie. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy performances are noticeable.

~ Viggo got his nod for this year’s Oscar nomination through EASTERN PROMISES (a mafia movie no less of its demeanor. As a Russian mob, Viggo shone in this flick whilst sharing a unique romance with Naomi Watts. If you wanna learn how to kick b*tt, b*tt naked, this is your guide, all 3 mins of ‘em! In the words of Nikolai Luzhin ‘Enough…’

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