Monday, March 31, 2008


2714 legend/ 290308/ red soiree

10q chanie 4 the help, 4 the prep, 4 the cam n 4 the cat!
10q nader 4 da ice, 4 da jug/ keg, 4 the ‘awake’ n 4 ‘jadi diriku’!
10q joxer 4 coming bck strait from Muar to attend and 4 wearing the REDest cloth eva!
10q tuya 4 trying to endlessly shop 4 red!
10q apes 4 coming down from segamat!
10q sally 4 holding ‘blk kg’ 4 a second just to crash!
10q ijad for postponing u’r PD n 4 the sutun!
10q yemza 4 redahing the rain!
10q hanep 4 showing up BUT we want you to ‘show’ up! He he he
10q vitat 4 da hair n 4 the willingness to subdue over my frantic calls and pestering!
10q halim 4 driving peeps to the soiree!
10q sheque 4 spending time n 4 the body shop!
10q mimi 4 the DVDs, 4 the camera tricks n 4 da pen(?)!
10q yeop 4 the voucher n 4 the dye!
10q ee 4 tackling the traffic and 4 the wipey!
10q adi 4 the eyes n 4 the belt!

In general, thank you all 4 u’r attendance, frenships, tot and definitely 4 just being there fabulously in RED!!! U’r undying lurve n frenship means the world to me!


the Phat Baker said...

ni jer? mana gambar?

javamen said...

Hello.. baraq.. Anyway thanks also for the invitation. It was really cool and happening when got to meet all of you guys.. All of the memories starts to come back in mind... Aja2x!

mubaraq ahmad said...

phat, as this is a a private party, teh prictures are alos private... he he he

the Phat Baker said...

wah..wah..lokek gambar..

Anonymous said...

lame xjenguk sini..
igtkan dah abandoned...
jemput ke blog ku
yang kesekian kalinyer hahahaha


Salle Sulieman said...

This is one of the reason why I lurrrrrve KL so much. I just love parties!!