Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a JOYFULL read an AWFUL watch

though I still can't grasp the overwhelming accolades the movie received, the book was actually a joy to read. a page turner and full of life. seeing the movie, it seems that the book was given no justice and making award given for its screenplay writing is a total nonsense!

a movie where I enjoyed both onscreen and on page is Ayat2 Cinta. having said that, the book is still far fetched from the movie.

no wonder most writers are reluctant to give up their treasured piece to be made as a movie. the 'creative license' was almost always overused. and now I know why most bookworms go out of 'book-turned-movie devasted.

p/s: am looking forward to read angels and demons and laskar pelangi. hoped that angels and demon is not badly treated as the da vinci code was.

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