Saturday, May 30, 2009

shop till u drop

last thursday nite, sec 14, PJ was erupted by the collapse of the Jaya Supermarket, one of its long standing signature. the supermarket really is nostalgic as it is the closest haven to all IIU matric's student back during my days... the nearest lepak place. for more info/ pics, click here. search for survivors are now still in progress.

at the other end of KL, JJ wgsa maju, another eruption occured yesterday. this time is due to the J card sale! this is my 2nd xperience in such sale which commands many working wives taking leaves in its dedication. looking back at the my whole period there, it made me wonder whether the recession has any effect on us m'sian?! on the same note, many are contemplating at flockin' to s'pore for it grand sale this month... hmmm... JJ wgsa maju is, peculiarly, the closest haven for IIU Gombak's student.

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Salle Sulieman said...

sesekali kita terkejut dgn bangunan runtuh, ttapi seringkali kita terlupa moral yang runtuh berlaku setiap masa (^_^)