Thursday, June 14, 2007

makan itu PUNCA NAPSU

hmmm... when do you know that u have to start dieting? maybe when even wearing blacks make u look blotted and full... dieting is an ever ending struggle (at least to me). at times, I wonder why do people go on starving and resisting all those delicacies… imagine what u can eat… a plenty!!! Especially in Malaysia where the long list of loved foods is shared by at least three different major races here. tambah western lagi… thai lagi… hmm…

tapi, to me… what comes first is your self satisfaction. kalu u ‘enjoy’ your body, apa nk sebok2 org ckp… stop giving others the key to your life and let them run it.

Unfortunately, living in this materialistic world, appearance counts… and to most, how good you look (apart from the RM factor) is primarily based on how little your waist is!!!! So… nk start dietla… but not for looks, health purposes k!!! ha ha ha

n by that, don’t ask, ‘do guys diets?’ of course!!! even there are guys now applying make up to work. in the end, laki ka pompuan ka, we like to see nice things and tentula we like it if ‘we are the nice thing!!!!’

tapi, esok ada mkn2 kt opis, cmner?!

p/s: nk mkn pancake kt McD!!!!

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