Friday, June 22, 2007

mega sale, mega spend GIGA WASTE?!

its that (joyous) time again… at least for me. some people save up for it... n some people tore calendar sheet in its anticipation...

tapi a mega sale? In Malaysia? yet again? ha ha ha… who cares kn?!

besides those so called ‘I-only-shop-when-I-have-to’, we who are in a long haul of this therapy session view sales as:

(i) an opportunity to beat others as far as the ‘in-fashion’ game is concern;
(ii) recreate a new look for the new season;
(iii) practicing tips collected all year round from fashion mags and tv shows;
(iv) strengthening the idea that ‘how other people view us is at the utmost
importance’; and
(v) of course, the alltime favourite) yet another therapy session with ‘the
ultimate therapist’.

so... take out your cards/ cash… as the rush is here!!!

tp, like my fren say ‘I pegi shopping msa sale pun, I bli yg new collection!!!’ so, what to do?!

1 comment:

shuhada said...

omg..akhirnya ada gak isi blog awk ni..elo..ada mega sale tapi xde duit nak blanja, xdpt la nk buat pape kan..nk window shopping,, tu lg snegsara..melihat barangan yg menarik perhatian yg sure2 xdpt dibeli..

so near yet so far..*sigh*