Friday, June 29, 2007


hmmm... dh 7 minggu… apa la rasa kn? ada kehidupan lain dlm bdn… berdenyut lemah… to ‘no. yg dicall waktu kebuhringan'... CONGRATZS!!! Yusma, u bla plak?! (tak jwb kn soalan ku ini dari aritu!)

bla kwn2 pregnant nih… n kluaqla a long list of PANTANG LARANGs... I thought of my mum... having to endure all this, n yet come out strong n raise me up for another 24 years of my life. you are my every second of my breath... though, dulu every time, soh p kedai while my fav cartoon is on air – musti rasa nk lari dh rumah!!!! to Chekgu Mariamah n all mothers (to be and a proud ones) you are the greatest n no one can surpass u all! bgn pagi2, siapkn ayer panas, bwt sarapan, blk keja bwt lunch, kemas umah, prepare dinner, gosok bju ntok esok... hmmm... mama(s)... u u’rself is/are a miracle (at least)to u’re anak2…

n to my three ‘babies’, Welcome BACK!!!! you girls are my only love, at least for children of your age… he he he

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