Friday, April 11, 2008


D. Archuleta singing FALLIN' by Alicia Keys

the new instalment of the AI is full and bursting with talents! D. Archuleta, D. Cook, M. Johns n dat dreadlock guy. its so hard when u have such a hyped show to ensure dat u’ll never loose track of what u actually wants to offer in the first place. sorry for my conservatism, but a singing competition, how glamorised and controversial it may become, should still always look for a singer/performer... not an entertainer who can only attract people to the TV set, but can do nothing with his talent. Wonder if our own local talent scout show will ever be jam packed wit talent as the latest outing of AI does. Susah tul kalu wt program just for the polemik n kontroversi. Critique2 plak cakap jer pandai, tapi diri sendiri hancus!! Cukup2la mendera telinga n emosi khalayak Malaysia.

anyway, the above is a clipping of d. archuletta in his child(ish) years (which u might easily stumble upon if his singing is what u search 4 in the utube), though skrg pun still a minor (by virtue of law)... he he he... enjoy!

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