Sunday, April 20, 2008


after having such a success (horrorwise) thru Jangan Pandang Belakang (“JPB”) and a box office across the region, one could only hope for the best in the latest horror flick out of the Ahmad Idham - Pierre Andre combo. but their latest 'Congkok" fails miserably! you may disregard the talentless acting (except for Mak Mah’s brilliant performance), the its-not-funny-but-people-still-laughs-dialogue and a few shows of strings hooked at the ghost in JPD for the suspense and horror you are being fed with, but for congkak, nothing did amazingly well. Yes, I admit that the suspense was there (with the help of the music scores) and I was feeling like goin’ home entirely all the way and there are a few commandable screams, but the acting, the plot and the script... Ya Tuhan! another malay flick truly Malaysian. if there were someone, tweeking the script and the plot, it would definitely be supremely better.
n y have supreme talent like mak mah and m. rajoli if they are not used for the benefit of the movie?

go see this if you are those ‘penyokong industri kita’ but leave your hopes and mind outside coz it would not do u good.

n thanks to smua yg participate wif the rombongan. He he he… we should do this again sumtime


Anonymous said...

so far dah 2 bad from u and one from my sister.. aku dah confused nak gi tgk ke tak..

mubaraq ahmad said...

kalu kegemilangan (gemilang ker) JPB yg ko cari, kecewa adalah pasti... he he he

lisa... Lisa...