Monday, April 14, 2008


it's my (utmost) ideal world, to wake up wif no problems (AT ALL!) or even better, all problems are duly solved!

smlm ada bwt plumbing sket, pulas punya pulas -> PATAH/PECAH! peribahasa melayu applicable : bagai tikus membaiki labu! so, someone has to run to the h/ware store and buy a new part or we'll be having a leaking sink for ages (its a common attitude of us mere mortals to ignore problem until it does not burst... procastinate some people say). so, sementara org pg bli, i took a nap! selfishly of me... to my defense, i believe that too many cooks, spoiled a meal! ok tak alsn?!

so, waking up from my deep sleep, everythin' was fine. the broken part has been replaced, other household needs mending has been done and the aftermath (ayaq bah yg melimpah) has been cleared and wiped.


yeah rite!

as pretentious as i could be; that has forever been my motto. kalu pening ka, muscle pain ka apa, i will always try to lay down hoping to wake up afresh. yes it did work, but only for a (fortunate) few times. and as i grew (wiser), i learnt that in life, you don't ignore problems, you solve them. coz if u don't, it will only hang on to you, even in u'r sleep!

curently tgh bca shopaholic ties the knot, something that my sis pesan ntok bwk come this april vacay. the heroin simply shoved her problems under the carpet and the problem worsen each day. up to the point that only miracles can uproot the dilemma she has. imagine this, having people plan u'r wedding in 2 diff continents on the very same day at the exact same time wif the same guests n of course the only bride n groom! hmmm

so, yes, in an idle/ ideal world, sleeping over problems may seem like a solution but in the real world, facing them is what makes u human...

~this post is dedicated to my 3 years old housemate who has forever been a good help around the (imiginary, london) flat of ours!


KiMi said...

Rupanya dulu aku duduk kat London. Patutla.

mubaraq ahmad said...

ellleh... 1st time t'sumbat dulu, ko la kn yg godek?! he he he... dgn bantuan aku. kalu professional, b'jln lancar jer... hik2x

the Phat Baker said...

wah..berkesan betul konsep nap awk ni..