Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Come this 22nd Feb, tv land will be hit with the mothers of all red carpets, the shiny golden men oscars! to pay homage, lets track down a few of past red carpet head turning moments that spur dozen of worshippers and hatters and mold each fashionistas into their own right, a fashion critique!

Halle - who can forget this Elli Saab (picture - dress worn during the runaway) which refreshes the oscars and gave new meaning to its red carpet.

Theron - everyone had a love hate relationship with this Galliano. However it goes, Theron is a pro, as far as red carpet goes, even with this sting. Lurve it though!

J. Roberts - with Ben clad to her arms and a dress made only for standing (not walking or even climbing stairs) J. Roberts managed to delete the idea of her free spirited fashions of no shaved arm pits into an amzing myriad of black n whites in this Valentino!

Kiera - though you didn't go home with any baldies, u are an already winner with that Vera sistas!

J. Lo - a statement emulating that even closed up (as opposed to her double tape versace at the grammys) in this Valentino, she's still a hottie!

Swank - a nice comeback, really!

Gwnenyth - a vision of heavenly angle in Ralph Lauren.

Cher and her Mckies - add spices to the award shows.

Bjork - u just love her for her boldness and awe inspiring image. Fashion literally stood still when she arrived that day.

Michelle - with Heath in her arms, Michelle was a red carpet darling all year round that year. Kudos again to Vera.

Diaz - flexing how to rock prints at the red carpets...

Cate - stunning3x!

celine - fashion backwards eyy?!

Marion - we'll c how u'll top that Jean Paul this year!


Che underscore Lee said...

nape bila red carpet je org dok tgk fashion pompuan.. xde plak org ngomen best dressed or worst dressed male ke?

mubaraq ahmad said...

kalu skadau show up pki suit, tux... nk komen apa?!

tp the watch is still on, esp wildcard mickey rourke is hitting the red carpets taun nih...