Saturday, February 14, 2009

kami = kita

this is 1 Malay muvi dat I hope I could catch at the panggung, but thanks to the belives that all malay muvi sucks (evident by nader's latest watching of maut and shukor's sifu & tongga), no1 wants to watch it wif me... alas, several months passed, jumpa cd bru bley tgk.

citer nih mmg tak kesiankn those yg x tgk (tv)series sbb mmg dia picked up where the series left. to me, its just the series bring brought to layar lebar, production-wise, mcm nk tyg kt tv ja! storyline dh ok, casts pun dh ok... tp script, disjointed sgt! kelemahan dr series yg no one bothered to picked up/ look at. but kami is a fun watch, compared to filem sosial remaja lain yg konon2 nk bg pengajaran dkt org (read as anak halal).

wished dat next time muvi makers will xplore lives of remaja yg kuat agamanya, ada wawasan dlm hidup, n social deviant free. asyek2 yg the opposite jer...

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