Sunday, March 8, 2009

Around the World in One Nite

One of the annual event held by IIU (the ultimate progamme where most foreign students participated) is the Ummatic Week. One of its unique/ interesting feature is the cultural exhibition where student from all countries showcased a glimpse of their ethnicity and their veloved tanahair. Amidst the stomping sound to what they called music, we managed to get through the nite in one piece! he he he

gangstarz lost in turkey

ereteria's own pottery barn

welcome to myanmar

feeling the heat under the saudian tent

mabuhay phillipines

down the well of sudan he went

a nite out in the weaved maldives hut

tears of the palestinian alAqsa

pakistani wall of silver greens


Che underscore Lee said...

bila nih? kalau ada lagi sampai bila? menariks gak kalau gi tgk..

MMU pun ada buat lebey kurang camni, kitorg panggey International Week.

mubaraq ahmad said...

smpi bla ek?! rasanya esok kot last... ntah. he he he