Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pejuang Jalanan

Most grown up, grew up playing street fighter! Before (even) PS1, playing street fighters at local stores after schools were considered the trendiest lepak activity in those Masked Man and Ghostbusters' era. No wonder the cinema was packed 2nite!

Maybe the movie, being C list (with a few B+ list actors here n there) and all, ranked as its title should be, Street Movie! You'll understand why a drama is filmed at a low cost just to garner oscar worthy performance, but you'll never figure why an action movie looks more befitting for tv (nader, 2009) then for the silverscreen! People who may not know street fighters won't appreciate its saga and people who played the game all thier junior lives would go home feeling disappointed after seeing it, enuff said!

Hope Goku and Watchmen would be a better watch.


Che underscore Lee said...

Watchmen pun dengar khabarnya mengecewakan..

Aku menunggu Wolverine

mubaraq ahmad said...

la. yaka?!