Sunday, March 1, 2009

who needs love when frens are what u have?

mcm dh jd tradisi/ annual event b'day febriantesse kt cemara. hoped korang wt tiap2 tahun. at least there will be an avenue for us to lepak2 reminiscing the good ol days!

Sepo - kaunselor sek dkt tmn melati, Ijad - HR Bank, Halim - IT Bank, Anep - exec, GLC, Lee - exec, GLC

Apes - Banker, Me - Fabulous, Daus - HR Bank, Mi - auditor bz tak dak time nk update blog

Salle - Publishing kt IPTA, Ee - PTD

*(Left to Right)

MIA: Nader, Chanie, Maz Ros, Pitat, Sheque, Aim, Rusdi, Zahid, Adi, Pyan, Joxer

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Anonymous said...

wut a nice pic!!!
so fabulous & lovable!!!