Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Tghari td g lunch kt umah 'parents 2 be', asni n asib kt kepong, which made me think of the rent I'm livin' in. Sekejap ja, dh ampir 3 taun 3 bln aku nyewa kt umah nih! Ingt lg, yg scout for a place to rent, aku n asib. Msa tuh tgh nk final xam. Considering that kitorg dh dpt place ntok chmbrin', n shukor n syed zul pun dh stuju nk dok seumah, so ktorg 2 kuar cri a. Having studied at IIU, no wonder the house is only 15mins from the uni. Tp, yg tinggl skrg kt umah nih, cuma aku n mamat yg melengkapkn umah nih ngan perabot2 and keperluan2 lain, shukor jer. Wlupun dh b'kali ckp nk pindah la, apala, it seems that the thing remains as only talks, nothing more. But who knows...

Wlupun bdk2 yg mnyewa di 30-02-10 dh going places, mcm:

Asib - moved out sblum kawen in 2007, did his masters, a lawyer (though he initially resisted the idea) and now waiting his 1st born, stay kt kepong with wife asni.

Syed Zul - dudok sekejap, move out in 2006 sbb blk kedah. Now a master degree holder and works where I used to be, A&A.

Kimi - moved out blk kg ntok settled in dlm tahun 2006 n skrg dh ada sorang ank n 2 bijik keta! loyar gak wlupun x mboh pd awalnya.

Apon - moved out in 2007 msa nk abes chambering. In the investment bank katanya n skrg dok kepong lps pindah sana sini.

Ateng - pindah kuaq in 2008 lepas abes chmbrin'. Dh ada BLM n dh jd loyar pun...

n bdk2 yg lain2 yg slalu dok dtg lepak (lan shah, abe, etc), aku n shukor mcm dh mls nk pk ntok pndh... tengokler... maybe bila shuko dh x tau nk beli apa n dia beli umah, I'll be forced to be evicted, bru pk kot... he he he

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