Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blahla Wei!

It all started with this tweet:

I did not receive any reply n tweeted the 2nd time, leading to the following (baca dari bawah ke atas):

Geram plak ngan si Najwa (Got to Go nih!). Org tweet 2x, x jwb, tp bila org nk donload ja lagu dia... boleh plak komen ckp 'kejam'. N yg plg best, bila org puji, boleh plak RT.

Menyampah2 pun, lagu dia sedap gak. I won't deny a good song even if the artist is crap. Contohnya, entry yang lepas nih!

So, enjoy!

N today I learnt that if you protect your tweet, ppl who do not follow you can't see your tweets... he he he Now I know y my tweets r not answered, my faith is restored!

UPDATE: N then she replied:

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