Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ya, everyone has a Facebook account, n yes, that includes our boss(es)!

Some bosess are cool, hip and happening, some idolizes Hitler 2 much, so much so, his/ her ‘director’ job title should just simply be pronounced as dictator!

Whatever category your boss falls in, the question remain. Should you add them to your personal FB account? Or worst, should you confirm than as your friend? The second is worst coz your boss already realized your existence in the FB realm and might at any place, any time pops up the question (read as before start meeting dpn bos2 yg lain) ‘Napa u x confirm fren request I lagi, ha?!’ At least if it’s the first case, you and your boss can just play pretend and switch the in-denial mode, ‘FB, what?!’, ‘Only losers open an FB account, k’.

I did some research and by research I mean ‘google’, and most people opined that it’s a wacky/ crazy/ out of this world (you choose) idea to have your boss in your fren’s list. None supported the idea. Maybe this incident further supports the idea.

A wise Alexis (female for Alex, I assume) bashed her boss forgetting that she has him already in her list, leading to him reacting (firing) through the comment posted.

I once listened to a radio ad saying that it’s a scary thing to have your parents in your FB fren list. This is acceptable considering many people lead different lives (dpn parent pijak semut pun x penyek, let alone die). Well, I’ve my sister and brother in my account (feeling safe coz they are not so active ) and I won’t hesitate to add my Mama n Abah if they have an account (cakap dgn nada konfiden sbb diorg mmg x terar bab2 IT).

So, coming back to the topic, YES please add/ approve them ONLY if:

1. You want to build a story, to support your EL story… ‘Anak ni sakit x sehat2, dh brapa hari dh’ as your status with follow up sms ‘Bos, I nk EL arini, bawak anak p klinik’.
2. You’ve pasted a mental post-it note on your forehead to remind you not to vent any anger on your boss/ office or update anything that can affect him/ her or your position as an over achiever in the company.
3. You are ready to untag and remove your cool and partying pictures and replace them with decent tawaddu’ pictures
4. You are very rajin to block him from seeing your update (status, pics etc) and unblock it from time to time, swiftly I may add, to make sure he doesn’t notice what is really happening to you.

And last but not least,

5. You aim at leaving your FB account and move your social networking life to other medium, Twitter for eg.

With that, I wish you the best of luck.

p/s: Writing (babbling) is easier than doing (things)! Napa, I find it very susah nk click butang approve fren request nih?! He he he


Anonymous said...

Kah kah kah.. Penat bah nanti! Block..unblock..block..unblock.. Adeh!! Labu oi!

kinna said...

mujoq bos aku takdak fb..kalo ada pon, takkan add pny..add kwn2 ofis (kump.sokongan etc) pon dah pening pala!

mubaraq ahmad said...

best jugak kalu ada nama, tau kita ckp ngan sapa. kn En Anonymous kn?

Kinnah, bos besaq ang ada FB, wife dia pun. Pak Najib nuh!

Salle Sulieman said...

kalau akulah, awal2 lg aku dh tk de issue nak add ke segala..hehe

NKLi GKaR said...

salle: aku x tau plaks bos aku minat nder2 cm gituh...