Monday, March 21, 2011

Home is where the HEART is, is it?!

What is a home 2 you?

This VC from Aizat (let me put it on record that I dislike him, tapi lagu yg bagus still deserve a recognition) shares his view (n some random ppl) on how they define what a home is.

Katanya tajuk diambil daripada tempat tinggal kawannya yg begitu bangga dgn rumahnya di situ. Kalau nk tau lebih lanjut pasal tempat tuh, baca link nih.

Over my ___years of life (blank 4 u 2 guess, clue, this Saturday... he he he), I’ve my fair share of home/ houses:

Kedah Medical Center

This is where I was born, in AS (not America, occay, Aloq Setaq). During my recent trip there, my father told me that the hospital had a total new updo and even the wing for my wad bersalin is no longer there. Hey, who am I 2 argue? I know squat at that time, to refute. Alhamdulillah, being a late joy to my parents (I hope they feel the same too), 7 yrs apart from my brother, my father had enough $ to bring my mom to a private hospital (org cakap ank bongsu spoiled, what to do, time kitaorg dtg slalunya ekonomi parents dh stabil, x mcm ank sulung, rumahtangga baru dok honeymoon, keje pun bru nk naik).

Jalan Pegawai

I was too little to remember, but this LHDN quarters was my first humble abode (near Maktab Mahmud). Yg best kt blkg ada supermarket, just a walk away. Ingat sekali I cried at the stairs (wailing sebenarnya) sbb jumpa wanita b’purdah, all black. Scary, man at that time. Yela, time tuh rata2 rmbut Farah Fawcett, ustzh pun ikat skaf kt blkg jer.

Permatang Tinggi B’

This is my current, n I hope in years 2 come, my home. The house was modeled using a house belonging to my mother’s friend. So, if you end up in AS, maybe u can spot her twins, if ur lucky. But don’t ask me to show u, coz I also don’t know where! The architect for our home was a foreigner, but the contractors were Msian (time ni the word, PATI belum masuk Kamus Dewan lagi) so being Msian, they did a few mistakes ending up that the house came out different from the initial blue print. Tapi x pe, it was a big enough space for us five. With its high ceiling, U can even spot the roof if you are on the bridge on PLUS passing thru the Taman Bertam, enroute to Sg Petani.

Irshad, Pokok Sena

This was a home away from. 2 busses away to be definite. Just to continue my sister n brother’s legacy, I pun masuk sekolah ni. This is where I learnt to know myself and the school taught me a lot of things. Be it good or bad, the experience enriched me, as a person. N I’m thankful that my parents decided to send me to a religious school, as I hope other parents will do, sebab how bad you will be, if you have the basic, you will never astray far away n will one day return to this root, if ever. At least that is what I believe in.

SMAP Kajang, Kajang

It was a hard decision for me to join the school due 2 the distance and compared to KISAS and SMAP Labu, no one (sekurang2nya yg close to me) knew that this school ever existed! I learn the word hate, like and love here. Being a newbie is hard, but I really thanked a bunch of people who held my hands all through and having survived that, I am not shocked that our friendship lasted till this day. Some of the experience did leave some scars on me, but no hero comes out from a battle clean kan? (with the exception of the Hindi and Tamil warriors, now replicated by the Americans)

UIA, PJ n Gombak

This was another home that I will always held dear to my heart. Hell man, I got a degree out of staying here. I’ve tried out all kolej penginapan in PJ and stayed in Mahallah Ali in Gombak campus. I gained a lot here - friends, experiences n knowledge. Super like. N rasa nyesal x enjoy abes2 bila start the mundane days of work (bluek!)

Taman Melati

I got this house even before the finals exam result out, as me n my friends have secured a chambering spot in a firm in KL. An entry was posted dedicated to this house. I like the place, though a bit dammed, it was near the mosque n LRT station. Five years after staying there and through a process of changes in housemates, we decided to move out.

Bndr Teknologi Kajang

Staying wif my sis in the interim was heaven. Cooked meals, laundry done and folded and comfortable bed to sleep in. Yet, I still longed for freedom! (jiwa remaja la katakan)

Mutiara Damansara

This is our first month staying there and last nite was the 1st nite sleeping in it (sleepless nite 2 be exact). I was only able to move in last weekend due to the nonsense schedule I had. Yup, it is an uplift from the black-dengue-proned Gombak area, but a house is still a house wherever it is. I remembered that the 1st nite we spend in Taman Melati, we had dinner at a sidewalk warong, penniless and eager for experience in the working life. Last nite, my dinner was at the Curve, that alone is a major step up. Indeed, I’m eager to see what the future holds and wish for the best.

Where shall I go from here then? Only time will tell.

So, what is a home to me? It’s just a shelter from the rain, a place to loosen up and a point of return before everyone goes back to that eternal home, the ultimate resting place.

Jadinya, di mana pun anda berada, jom syukuri nikmat dijauhkan dari hujan, dilindungi dari panas mentari (dan a dip in that cooling pool), berbanding mereka yang bom dan mortar menjadi loceng penggera bangun di tengah mlm, kotak tv alas hamparan lelap dan sekadar bulan bintang sebagai siling dan lampu di kala malam.


ulat said...

So, what is a home to me? It’s just a shelter from the rain - Car also ade bumbung utk di need rumah...

NKLi GKaR said...

keta BMW?! mmg empok!

Che underscore Lee said...

nice one Baraq!

NKLi GKaR said...

patutnya tulis Masjid AlIhsan, SMAPK Kajang, kn?