Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Eagle (has landed)

What happens when honour is prime? And what happens when history wrote a disgrace in the books of Rome and your family lineage?

This story tells the tale of a comander, working hard to restore Rome's honour and delete the shame inflicted to his family. His father lost the Eagle, a sacred symbol to the honour-crazed Romans, and with that; pissed over the name of his family and decendants. Clad to eliminate the guilt Rome puts on his family and restore glory to the Empire, Commander Aquila heads to his father's last post to seek for the lost Eagle. He enlisted the help of his slave, son of the enemy's dead leader and travels to the unknown world, where no Romans has been before.

This is one epic movie which is simply made without the usual glamed up sets and costumes. Its plot evolved around the master-slave relationship, story of betrayal and fight for glory, is not something new and predictable. The fight scene was in a more smaller scale and the script does not impress you. Plus no hot chic in a toga here.

Go see if:

1. you really wanna know why the Hadrian wall is there all this while, in the Great Britain;
2. you ever feel the need to see a time where Britons are the primitive and barbaric creatures, as opposed to the developed nationals of the Great Roman Empire;
3. you can't wait for the DVD, or
4. you just feel you need to man up with a new war-action movie.

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