Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getaway Movie 1: Something Borrowed

During my holiday, I managed to catch up on some movies. This is part 1 of 6 spreads which will be posted, today and tomorrow.

I guess Kate Hudson’s no longer first page news. First it was the Bride’s War where I’m very sure that Anne’s script page is a lot thicker with a character more deep and then, this. But with the heroin still building her name, the hero unknown, supporting actors none to be seen in recent blockbusters, I guess Kate’s star still rubs in to attract people to the cinema.

I really don’t understand why this plot keeps on repeating, a sibling/ friend who always looses to his/ her (younger/ older) sibling/ friend, in the end gets to outrun the later. Maybe movie makers just felt that to make a movie triumphant, the center of the plot must be weak and vulnerable and succeed in (at least) something in the end. Yup, it is a plausible plotline but overstretching a recycled one, with no inventions thrown in, is just a waste of time. Plus, having unpopular cast for a rom comm with no special attention to the storyline is just forgettable.

N FYI, not everyone who ‘loses’ to their sibling/ friend are losers coz at times, it’s a path they choose and a corner that they can always turn back from.

Watch this if you really, really and really have nothing to do.

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