Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getaway Movie 5: Tanu Weds Manu

Sometime I feel the pressure of soaking myself in Hindi movies for their overtly take on love. That sometimes, nowadays, often met with disappointment as there is this rush in Hindi cinema to take themselves out of Bollywoodness (turning down the volumes on songs, drama and poetic scripts). Though, this movie is that, it still captures a few realism, related to a Hindi movie.

The story is about an Indian Doctor leaving abroad who came back just to get marry, as arranged by his parents. Gladly, he fell in love with the girl he was set to marry and preparation for the wedding ceremony kick started there and then. He was then, however, shocked with the awakening that the bride to be does not want to marry him as she has herself a lover and requested the groom to cancel the marriage, which he did.

Through the course of fate, both boy and girl met again and his pureness had the girl question her earlier choice and to not choose her earlier lover would be disastrous as he is a thug ready to menace around town if he could not marry the girl.

Sometime in life we make stupid mistakes and choices, but at a point where we can right what is wrong, would we then do it? This is a question easily answered than to be acted upon.

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