Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getaway Movie 3: Just Go With It

Adam Sandler really likes playing someone insecure. In this movie, he played someone who lied about his status just to score chicks. Like all his other movies, he finally realize and understand that he can only accept someone in his life, who has been there accepting him for he is all along. This came in the shape of a mother to two kids, his hot receptionist, Jennifer Aniston. I like Nicole Kidman’s cameo appearance here. Maybe she should do more supporting for comedy roles after this.

But frankly, I think everyone lies when courting. There’s always this fear in a relationship that our trueself would just, not make it. So, we sometime tried, even unexpectedly, to create a new persona. Let’s put the blame on finding Mr and Mrs Right for making people fear of rejection for flaws they have, even how tiny it is.

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