Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getaway Movie 4: Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

This is a Thai movie. It’s a funny, heartwarming and cute casted kind of love movie. Thank God for the subtitle because, Thai language, sorry to say, sounds funny and hard to understand when uttered. There are a few good movies that Bangkok cinemas have churned out this recent years and this one included. You will definitely fall in love with the characters and laugh your brain out, throughout.

This movie however, questions the fact that sometime we just have to let fate takes its course though we have planned for otherwise. (Caution: Spoilers ahead) The hero here fell out of love when he continued his undergraduate study overseas and was too busy afterwards with work when he came back. Fate then let him meet this clumsy cute girl but he was yet in another course to leave the country to do his masters. Fearing the history repeating, he tried to avoid falling in love with this girl only to find his heart yearning for more. He then let fate run the course only to part in the end. Will their love survive? Watch this to find out the ending.

Besides that, this movie also deals with the heroin pressure of turning 30 and having all her friends married. Even her friend’s dog is sent away to breed! Luckily this pressure did not go to her head and made her conduct in foolish ways.

So, stop to feel the love around you and have faith that if you are meant for someone, that someone maybe just at a corner in front of you. So, be patience.

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