Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getaway Movie 2: The Priest

This movie is similar to The Book of Eli which for skeptic like me, I fear any religious message the producer tries to implant to the movie goers at the end of the credit role. Having said that however, this is another action movie well plotted to ensure tones of sequels to follow suit. Thanks to Twlight vampires are everywhere now. The one to be loved, the one to fear and the one to hunt over and kill all, as proven by this film. Besides than the weird pairing of a hero being British and the heroin a Chinese, people moving into seclusion after winning the war with the vampires, ‘familiars’ who can be bread as human vampire who can walk during sunlight, I really don’t see how this franchise can become successful.

The underlining question the movie posted was that will you sacrifice everything to answer your calling? For me, as far as the movie goes, a resounding No!

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