Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyone is From Nowhere, Heading to Somewhere

I read somewhere that this movie, The Man From Nowhere, was the biggest K-Movie last year. Guess Won Bin still has the chops to sell pictures.

This is a good-guy-went-all-the-way-to-save-a-chick kind of a movie. But the chic here came in the form of a very cute and pesky girl, her neighbor.

Won Bin, entangled, went for a killing spree to retrieve the girl who was kidnapped with her mom, whose internal organs were later harvested. As usual, to make the plot believable, Won Bin is an ex army with specialized combat skills.

Do watch this if you are into killing-all-that stand kind of a fella, or just a chick waiting to watch a glimpse of Won Bin’s washboard abs!

This movie really shows that man(kind) will go to all extend to save the life of someone dear to them. Many of such movie showed that the main character will go over mountains, even, if it’s needed to.

But sometimes, even how you strive to do it, it is actually in the hands of God to decide as life and death is His decision and not ours. I’ve been hearing so much death around me lately, friends from the university and miscarriages by expecting mums. It makes me realize that everything is ultimately in His will. The departures are also, reminders, for us to return to His true calling.

For everyone, be strong! His test means His love and surely, He knew best.

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