Friday, April 29, 2011

THOR Datang lagi!

I managed to catch Thor last nite. The hard thing of breathing life into an animated character is to ensure the outcome is not borderline into cartoonish. There are, however, directors who gave comical life to a comic character, but not in Thor. With the mentioning of Stark (Iron Man) we can see that they will be an intertwine plot line between the characters in the future. Let’s not talk about that, but focus on the movie first.

For this kind of movie, I see Thor as having an ordinary plotline, not like how Nolan has uplifted the Batman franchise or even the Superman character which story telling now seats at a rather level of its own. Having described the Asgardian as having enormous powers, it is upsetting, that their powers cannot still prevent them from a blunder which is unfixable at the end of this movie, or at least for this installment.

The story revolves around the envy of a second child to his brother, next in line to the throne, where he did things so that his brother is banished from their world and removed from the accession line. Thor was sent to the world, expecting him to build up his character and became wiser for the throne so that he has the will to decide with his mind, not his guts. This is only loosely seen through him falling in love with a girl (a plot which needs more fine tuning) and sacrificing his life for mankind (he looked dead until saved, so did he really die for mankind?!). Thor also has four (useless) friends which without him, they all will die like flies. Besides than Thor’s hunkiness, the light cinematic experience may enthrall some.

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