Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boy A vs Boy B

I did not had a hard time picking out this movie, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, with contenders in the likes of Osman Ali’s Cun and Jen Anniston with Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It. However, I did struggle in deciding to watch its midnite show, considering that the day after is a working day with an early morning meeting followed by a training outside.
I’m glad I made that ultimatum, though.

Yes, there’s nothing new with the RomCom (I’m a sucker for such). This a story, of a boy, Boy A

who meets a girl (rather saw and admire from afar)

BUT, the girl also met another boy, Boy B.

The problem is also somewhat ordinary, the girl has to choose, with the exception that she came out from a bad relationship with a major scar and may progress to mold her pick, later in the movie.
As far as comparison goes, I think Resse Whitterspoon’s Sweet Home Alabama, set a more leveled playing games as for this movie, Boy A has the disadvantage of being a ladies man with major wooing skills dealing in investments and Boy B was a drunken-out-of job architect who cured his addiction when he met the girl.
As lame as the plot may sound, it is the storytelling which saved the movie, a lot. With major tricks depicted to secure the girl’s attention and romantic scene which guarantees your knees to go weak, this movie sure joined a lot of other successful HK romcom movies.
The lead players did a fantastic job portraying their characters (just that Boy A may need to lower his pants, mcm org tua pakai sluar atas pusat!) with supporting casts gave necessary value to its plotline.
This is a simple movie, heck some may even think that the plot’s plagiarized, but for hopeless romantics this is a big warm and fuzzy one. Go watch!

p/s: Some ppl are so creative, altering the posters!

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