Friday, April 15, 2011

Sour Code

I was not intrigued at all to watch the Source Code at first; however Nadia of Fly.Fm and this blog changed my mind, kindda. Sorry Nadia, I’ve to agree with Prem, Doraemon’s (way) cooler! WHY?

1. Right from the start you can figure out who the bomber is, definitely, the one who gets off at the starting scene. Why, because the story soon develops to show that the bomber is planning another bombing and the (movie) fact is Americans psycho(s) are too crazy to work in groups. Unless the movie tries to show that the attack is from other nations, ethnicity or religion, than the guessing game would turn upside down. If you have not realized it yet, Hollywood movies always depict an American antagonist to conspire alone but, not others who always have extra lives to spare and extra resources to waste.

2. I hate movies which plot deals with the same timeline and however impossible it is, the main character is always able to change what to occur despite the long discussion of such inability (destructing time continuance, death row effect etc.).

3. I like Jake and Vera here. However other characters are annoyingly built, from the heroine who has no impact and magically woos Jake through his confusion of time continuance, the geek who got targeted just for being on the phone, the motion sickness guy who was sharply dress to a point it would be illogical for him to carry a duffel bag containing bombs and the old woman who was scared to shit just by looking at the violence Jake made. Moreover, what is with the conductors? Annoying!

4. This movie tried to capture the magic of the latest Inception and other movies of the same making but felt miserably. The plots are too loose. Why would Jake imagine he is in a vertical plane as his first shot he was hanging up facing to the ground since he last memory was maybe in a plane crash, he should end up fantaand why does the imaginary from Jake future experience flashes before he was rebooted in the source code as not he or the guy on the train woul have the memory as yet.

Just not enough of a kick for me.

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