Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva La V Becks

Once there were haters (opps, even now!), but Victoria Beckhams showed them that you are what you determined to be, not what other people wanted to mold you into. Now, she has everthing! She has...

the (hot) guy ever girl (n some guys) dreams of

cute kids, and more to come (minus the need to adopt, somemore)

dresses all celebs die over to wear

sold out handbags

throngs of designers lining up to work with her and (not-that) notable singing and acting career.

She is the true embodiment that however a failure one can perceive you to be, it is you, in the end, who decide whether to exceed or follow the curse laid upon you. So, pedulikan apa org kata, work smart and life hard!

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