Friday, April 15, 2011

Self Glory

In between the F1 experience and Rainism last weekend, I managed to squeeze in time to watch Morning Glory. An uplifting story where out of her job, Rachel McAdams’ character, was given a new task to revamp a dying morning show and in the end has to decide whether to stick to the show or move on to her dream job working at a bigger network station, doing the number one show. With remarkable casts, the movie was a joyful watch.

So the movie really at the end ask you the same (repeated) question, will you make the choice of staying status quo or move on?

In deciding you always need to balance the both.

1. Will you be content to stay?
2. Will the new gig satisfy you? and
3. Will change be better than just a mere improvement?

The last question is a real haunt. You can easily change your wardrobe to a new one, but you need guts and extra skills to improve an existing garment, as an example.

With money in hand you can just go into a store and buy a new clothe to replace the old one you have. But to improve it, you need styling and the right accessories with an end result always making you wonder, will the old garment has a new impact or just fizzles as an old one.

So in life, you can simply grab your things and change job, move to a new apartment or even get a new date in your life. As hard as that may seem and only dear time will know how it will go, it is always tougher to improve in your job field, redecorate and refurbish your apartment or learn new tricks to make your date last.

Change or improve, only you can decide, ya know?!


Salle Sulieman said...

There should be more comedies like this. Like u said; uplifting. I've always been a fan of Diane Keaton. And Rachel McAdams stole my heart in The Time Traveler's Wife.

ulat said...

got $$$ can $$$ just pakai je ape yg long as tutup aurat!!..

NKLi GKaR said...

SS: Agree

NU: but u hv a lot!