Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Modern Day Cinderella Story

Everyone is waiting for April 29 to arrive, yet another historic day, at least for a gown, as Prince William and Kate Middleton walks down the aisle and says their ‘I dos’. Talks on Kate’s gown started, as well as other details including the guest list, started right from the day the engagement was announced. With her engagement and photoshoot dresses were found to be sold out once pictures hit the media, the gown itself will surely be legendry. Even Lady D’s dress is still exhibited around the world and preserved meticulously.

Helmed as the next wedding of the century, souvenir shops are making billions out of sale items dedicated to the event.

While ordinary people can only hope for such a grand wedding, they can surely catch the movie flick on the love and life of the soon to be King and Queen of England and states ruled under its Commonwealth flag. Here’s the trailer if one is interested!

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