Thursday, April 14, 2011

F1 Sepang for Dummies

This is a follow up entry from the previous post. If you are like me who got free tickets to the F1 and know squat of the sport and its venue, here is some tips you can learn off.

The Way There

1. The circuit is the next door neighbor to KLIA and LCCT in Sepang, so, as long as you are heading in that direction, you would not get lost.
2. The first 2 days are for trainings and qualifying rounds. If you’re lucky, maybe the organizer will throw you in some grand prix for your amusement. Usually attendance during both days will be lesser, so for the final day, better get there early if you want to avoid the massive traffic.
3. The moment before you head there, identify your parking spot and your seating place to ease the whole experience, throughout.

The Expectation There

1. You can easily be transported from the Grandstand entrance to other seating venue using the shuttle service.
2. You can buy merchandise from the organizer and the racing team there. The price wouldn’t be cheap, though. Even Ferrari plastic rain poncho cost RM125!
3. You need to bring extra cash, if you are local, as the food is a bit expensive. No need to worry for the amenities, toilets are everywhere with mussola at strategic places for your usage.

The Experience There

1. It will be up to your interest and seat, how the experience will be measured. However, the newbie that I am with a grandstand ticket in hand, the memory is quite remarkable.
2. It will be foolish if you did not spend some money to buy a good ear plug as the sound from the roaring engine is deafening! You can also spend to get a head piece with multiple language commentary of the race there. The headpiece can later be used as a normal radio.
3. It is a must to wear light clothing as the weather will be tad hot. The seating arena is strangely cool there, but to get from one place to another, you are at the mercy of the sun. Bring an umbrella if you can, not just to shade, but also to prepare if it rains.

All is said, sorry if any of the info is misleading; I’m still a rookie, none the less.

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