Monday, April 25, 2011

Red Hooded Girl, LOST

From the director of Twilight, comes another wolf-human-love story inspired by the tales of Red Riding Hood. The storyline maybe a bit draggy and the acting a bit superficial at times, but the director managed to instill horror and thrill, or what seems to be it, to keep the audience on the guessing game throught out. Heck, everyone is a suspect! You have the usual character of the bad wolf, little (big kowt) red riding hood in the name of valerie, grandmother who lives far from other people and the dashing Peter who's the wood cutter. If you really could not settle with the fiction based storyboard or the minimal action you’ll be served with, the eye candies in the movie would be more than compensating.

The story in the end, like Twilight, boils down to the question how deep is your love to accept someone into your heart, unconditionally. There is always this search (by women in particular) for Mr Right/ Mr Perfect or even Prince Charming but we sometime fail to ignore that it is the flaw(s) that make us human and unique from one another. This distinctive feature or, in certain cases, similarity is what draws one to each other. Perfect is boring, but the art to attain perfection is exquisite.

So, whether your partner is a wolf or a rabbit, the decision to love or to hate is for you to make! And of course some would rather pick the ultra white fur rabbit than the choclatish with spots for perfection basis disregarding that the white one are with medical condition known as albino! Perfection is overrated, indeed.

What big ears do you have... the easier to hear you, dear...

What big eyes do you have... the easier to see you, dear...

What big teeth do you have... the easier to EAT you! Ha Ha Ha (gelak besaq x ingat dunia)


Salle Sulieman said...

Amanda is a better actor then kristin! thats for sure.

NKLi GKaR said...

kristin kreuk? kristin chenowith? kirsten dunst?